8 Things You Should Include In Your Apartment Budget

Having your own pad is fun until you realize you’re $30 short for rent because you live life on the edge without a budget. Your ‘go-with-the-flow’ personality gets you a lot of friends and that’s about it. But where do you start when it comes to apartment budgeting and getting on the right track? Let’s look at 8 things you’ll need to include in your apartment budget besides rent.

First, consider your everyday necessities:

1. Food: I’m guessing you eat daily, am I right? If you’re having trouble paying something, readjust your budget for this as you can motivate yourself to buy more groceries and limit the number of times you eat out.

2. Cellphone: This is just a wild guess, but if you have a cellphone, the likelihood is you’ve got a bill to go with it every month. This takes place of what our elders called the “home telephone.”

Now, consider the things you’ll expect to work when you walk in the door:

3. Water/Gas/Trash: Good hygiene is a necessity at your workplace and we thank them for that. If this isn’t included in your rent already, get with your Camden leasing consultant to get an idea of what you may be expected to pay each month.

4. Electricity: Because electricity = 20th century and you need it to straighten your hair, take a hot bath, and cook delicious meals.

5. Cable/Internet: When you live with Camden, this is likely included with your rent& you get to kill two birds with one stone off your budget list. Otherwise, you’re expected to pay this to your provider on a monthly basis.

These amounts will vary depending on the Camden community you reside in. Get with your leasing consultant to get a better idea of what you may expect to pay for your apartment’s floor plan so that you may budget accordingly.

Don’t forget the things you don’t necessarily use every day but still pay once a month:

6. Renter’s Insurance: If you’re living with us, you’ve got it! And, it’s a good thing when you’re in need of it.

7. Other Bills: Car payment, car insurance, gas, credit card payments, Gym & Spotify payment, Religious organization, etc. Fill in the blank to whatever applies to you.

For smart apartment budgeting, you’ll need to include this:

8. Savings: Sure, you’ve heard this before but disciplining yourself to save a portion of that paycheck is important. Act as if it’s a bill that has a due date so you never miss it. When life happens, you’ll be grateful.

Budgeting = being financially responsible, or at lease trying to be, and in the dating world, that’s a plus! So why not start laying out a budget for your apartment today in hopes of avoiding those late fees? Being financially responsible will make you feel better about your spending habits so plan accordingly and be consistent. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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