The Maze Runner: Is it Worth the Read?


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As an avid reader, and also a follower of young adult sci-fi fiction, I found myself sucked into The Maze Runner series rather quickly. The second I hear that a book series is being converted into a movie, I have to run to Barnes and Noble and pick it up. Yes, I am old school and actually buy paperback books rather than use a Kindle or Nook.

Much like The Hunger Games series and Divergent series, I found myself unable to put the books down. I strayed from my usual book type of female protagonist to male protagonist, as my friend told me it was worth the read. Boy was he right. To avoid any spoilers, I will simply give you a brief overview of the story.


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The main character, Thomas, wakes up in a strange world without his memories. Unaware of how he got there, and who the other teenage boys are around him, he has to make his new life work in the “glade” He soon discovers that this area of green is surrounded by giant walls, and beyond the walls, are a maze (hence the title of the book). Thomas makes friends with the other gladers and is determined to solve the maze and get out of this new world. Everything changes when a girl comes into their world for the first time in years.


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This series includes four books total, “The Maze Runner”, “The Scorch Trials”, “The Death Cure” and “The Kill Order”. Each book, the story of these boys gets better and better. I can’t say much more without giving away the entire synopsis. Trust me when I say that if you like The Hunger Games series, you will love The Maze Runner series.

Now for the part that I am sure you are all waiting for, was the movie any good? I went and saw the movie the other day with my friend, Lauren, whom I lent the book series to. After watching the movie, we both agreed that there were too many changes made, and that they could have easily kept some things the same as the book without affecting the whole movie. The casting was well done, and the costumes were an accurate depiction of my imaginary versions of the gladers. The best part of the movie? Hands down, the maze. They were able to create a maze that exceeded my expectations!


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In conclusion, I would highly recommend this book series. As for the movie, wait till it comes in Netflix.

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