Too Lazy to Shop?

My first produce delivery - medium bushel

My first produce delivery – medium bushel

If you’re anything like me, you hate going to the grocery store. I probably only go about once a month. Unfortunately, that means I’m always low on fresh produce. Sometimes I like to hit the farmer’s market; Houston has a lot of great ones – Urban Harvest, Rice Village, and City Hall. The downside is that you have to get up on a Saturday morning and I would rather sleep in.

So, if the above sounds anything like you, you need to jump on the produce delivery train, like I did. I started with some research about CSAs – A CSA refers to a network of individuals who have pledged to support one or more local farms. With these, you pay a subscription and go pick up your produce at a specific location and time. There are some great CSAs in Houston – Home Sweet Farm, Wood Duck Farm, and others. That still didn’t work for me because I have a natural fear of commitment and I already mentioned being too lazy to go to the store and the farmer’s market.

What I ended up finding was a DREAM COME TRUE. Let me introduce you to Farmhouse Delivery. I can sign up for a bushel of produce and they deliver it to my door. Yes, you heard me, TO MY DOOR. I can start and stop deliveries when I want and I never have to leave my house to go get my food. To top it off, I’m supporting local farms and getting fresh, seasonal produce – I have never been happier. Check out one of these great organizations and get some produce delivered to your Camden doorstep!

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