Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine & Cocktails


I wanted to write about a great restaurant in our neighborhood called Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine and Cocktails, it’s located at 2607 Main St. in Irvine. The restaurant offers a wide variety of food and drinks and has a great happy hour menu! They use seasonal fruits and vegetables, emphasizing Mediterranean flavors.  It’s great having a restaurant around the corner that you can walk to and consistently have great food and service! Andrei’s has a very spacious inside area with bar and a great new addition of an outside patio with heaters.


Andrei’s has been very generous to Camden Main and Jamboree Apartments also. They have sponsored resident events and given gift cards. Andrei’s also offers 25% off to the residents of Camden Main and Jamboree on Saturday nights!


Along with Andrei’s providing great food to the Irvine Community they take an active part in our environment and supporting community and global causes….

”We remain consciously connected to the sustainable efforts coming from our kitchen and emulate them in every day decisions we make as a responsible member in our community. From wine and spirits to teas and coffee, our beverages offer many sustainable options including local, seasonal, and fresh organic ingredients. We are recycling our oil and reducing our paper and energy usage. Biodegradable chemicals are used in all aspects of our operation, which is so important in our coastal community. We have chosen local artisans and family owned businesses to supply us with products, supporting local commerce. Being fully responsible to the environment does not happen overnight, but enough small choices will create what we believe is a powerful statement in support of sustainability. In addition, we donate all of our profits to the Andrei Foundation, a 501.C3 non-profit organization focused on a number of community and global support causes. Through the support of our guests, we’ve built a school library in rural Sri Lanka, funded and built a rain-collection clean water system in Nicaragua, and sponsored a local guide dog team and provided life-changing surgeries for over 20 Russian orphans.”

Thank you Andrei’s for being such a great part of the Irvine Community! More information can be found at or call 949-387-8887.


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