Honor Flight: Giving Thanks to US Military Veterans


135 Camden employees from DC, Maryland, and Virginia at the World War II memorial

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, the mid-Atlantic region of Camden participated in an amazing event. Camden Cares partnered with Honor Flight Network to Welcome Veteran’s flying in from Fort Worth, TX and Kansas City, MO to Washington DC.

Honor-Flight-DC-E-Card_280560 (1)

A group of 40 Camden employees gathered at Reagan National Airport to greet US military veterans coming off their flights. As part of the group, I was able to experience firsthand all of the emotions that came along with seeing these veterans feel like they were rock stars.

At the same time, 95 other Camden employees met at the World War II memorial in Washington, DC to greet more veterans and thank them for their service in the armed forces.


Camden employees at the WWII memorial

The Friends of the National World War II Memorial Facebook page even mentioned us!


Camden Mid-Atlantic District Managers, Kristin, Mohammed, and Carrie in front of the Washington Monument

Though outsiders can see and feel how great Camden Cares is, Camden employees experience emotions on a completely different level.


(Left to Right) Katelyn, Lamin, and Ashley of Camden Ashburn Farm

Leasing Consultant, Katelyn of Camden Ashburn Farm says, “I love that our company reaches out to different organizations that we can help with. This one was such a rewarding experience to meet and talk with some of America’s Hero’s.”


Jamel, Tara, and Samuel

Assistant Manager of Camden Clearbrook, Keisha says, “I loved this event the most so far. It was such a fun day and everyone was happy to be there to shake the hands of such honorable men. I will never forget it.”


“I’ve been doing these for 8 years now and still get choked up. And when the Ft Worth vets came off and heard the band and saw you guys, they began to cry and thus, so did I. So thank you all so much! The vets were still talking about it when they all left that evening! Just next time when u come, bring Kleenex for the tears!” stated Greg, US Airways / American Airlines Honor Flight Coordinator – DCA.


Tech savvy Community Manager of Camden Fair Lakes, Marcus, created a video of the entire experience for everyone to share what we all experienced.

We were also fortunate enough to meet US Senator Bob Dole.


Camden employees pose with US Senator Bob Dole

“It was heartfelt to see how emotional and excited the veterans got when they saw us while exiting the plane. That was probably the most rewarding part of this whole experience!  To see how appreciated they were for us being there, when we were the ones who couldn’t thank them enough!” says Leasing Consultant, Christine of Camden Fairfax Corner.


Christine and I in front of the WWII Memorial

Coming from a military family myself, there was one man in particular who reminded me of my late grandfather that served in WWII. Tears flooded my cheeks as I saw him smile from ear to ear with thanks to Camden for making him feel like he made a difference. Its times like these I feel proud to say I am a Camden employee.

With the help of 135 Camden employees, and partnership with Honor Flight Network, joy, thanks, and compassion for our nation’s veterans will never be forgotten.

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