Fall is here, Are you ready?



My favorite time of year is upon us! The leaves are charging colors; there is a nice crispness to the night air, and the temperatures are steadily dropping. There are parts of the country that are experiencing these fall changes already. I call those people lucky! The part of Texas that I reside in hasn’t started the transformation to the fall season but there are subtle signs that it is coming! When fall blesses us with its presence I will be ready!

I love this time of year for so many reasons. Many love fall because it is football season, or it is the start of the holiday season, or perhaps the decline in temperature. I love fall because of the decorations! I LOVE FALL COLORS! The color pallet associated with fall is my all-time favorite. The reds, browns, golds, and oranges are perfect and resemble the changing colors of the leaves outdoors. The colors are very welcoming and create warmth within the home. This is the time of year to bring out all of those fall decorations and enjoy the season! Not sure where to start? Let me help you with some simple tips to get your house fall ready!

Pick a theme. Decide what look you want to achieve in your home. Do you want a traditional fall set up? Pumpkins and pinecones not your thing? That is ok! Perhaps you want to use the fall colors but with a trendy look? There are several ways you can bring a fall look into your home with nontraditional design elements. No worries there, we got you covered. These two looks are very different but can achieve the same goal. Either way is a great way to enjoy this time of year, you just need to decide which look is the best look for you and your home. You cannot go wrong when you are decorating for fall!

Accessories. You need to accessorize your fall look. Traditional fall decorations typically include tapestries and runners that emboss the typical fall colors. Garlands and swags with heavy leaves colored in your rustic hues that resemble the leaves falling outside are a great way to accessorize your tables, mantels, and archways. Adding a few pumpkins/squash, acorns, pinecones, and berries will help give you an overall fall touch. If you really want to go out all out with your fall looks, you can add some fun scarecrows, corn stalks, bushels of hay, and a few owls that will really make your home feel like fall.

If you are choosing a nontraditional look for your fall décor there are lots of things you can bring in to create this look as well. Clear glass containers are a great way to add pops of color to any room for any reason or season. You can get whatever fun clear glass container your want and make it is a fun and funky as you want it to be. Once you have your container you can be as creative as you want about what you put inside of it. Beans, marbles, rocks/stones, can be layered or mixed up in great fall hues to give you that fall pop of color you are after. Candles are another great decorating tool. You can get a wide variety of colors as well as sizes. Wrapping them in burlap, ribbons, or even accessorizing them with cinnamon sticks, leaves, gems, etc. will be another fun way to bring the season in. Letters are very common in decorating today. You can frame the letters in simple frames that match your homes current decoration or frame them in your favorite fall color! Spell out the word F-A-L-L or H-A-R-V-E-S-T to accent your favorite table or mantel.

There are several ways to bring the fall in and you will not go wrong with whatever way you choose. Enjoy the season and the fall décor that inspires you and your home! I am confident that you will love your new fall look in your beautiful home at www.camdenliving.com. Check all of the great homes available for you and all of your seasonal decor! Happy Fall!

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