Food delivery?! That’s only for rich folks…isn’t it?

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When I worked at Camden Tuscany, I had a resident that used to get a perishable delivery from Blue Apron.  When he came to pick it up he raved about it as a food delivery service that he couldn’t live without.  It sounded neat but I figured this was something I could never afford and how nice to have food delivered to your door.  Eventually after hearing about it a few more times I realized that I wanted to give it a try.

The cost is $60 per week that makes three dinners for two people (total of six meals).  I was paying way more than $60 a week at the grocery store for food for my husband and I, and we made less than three dinners a week off of that.  The other cool thing was that instead of receiving a processed ready-made meal, they only sent ingredients that you need.  If the recipe called for a sauce, they included every ingredient that needed to go in to that sauce; if you needed a tablespoon of vinegar, they included an exact tablespoon of vinegar.

When we received our first delivery I was impressed!  The food was still very cold and the ingredients were very fresh.  I was blown away by the variety and quality of meats, vegetables, and grains that they included; things I would never buy. It came with detailed instructions on a recipe card of how to make each meal and the end result was a fresh delicious meal with no ‘mystery” ingredients.  It has been several months since that initial delivery and I have not regretted it since.  It has saved us tons of time and money wasted in the grocery store but still leaves room for dining out and making our own signature meals.  You can cancel at any time and even skip weeks with no penalties, so I would definitely suggest giving it a try or at least looking in to.

Blue Apron, I am a fan!

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