A Couple Kitchen Tips Before Thanksgiving

This is actually what my hubby did today at work for a holiday party. It must be rough to have that kind of job, huh? ;)

This is actually what my hubby did today at work for a holiday party. It must be rough to have that kind of job, huh? 😉

It’s almost Turkey Time at Camden!! I love this time of year! Just the thought of my chef hubby’s turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, and chocolate pecan pie can make my tummy grumble! I cannot wait for a beautiful Thanksgiving feast! I know that in our fast-paced world, most people only cook a full meal in their kitchen a few times a year. With that in mind, I asked the fabulous maintenance staff at Camden to give our residents a couple of kitchen tips before they start to cook next week. Far and away they said the two biggest party-poopers are issues with ovens and garbage disposals. Here are some tips to hopefully avoid a Thanksgiving nightmare.

If you are a microwave/take-out guru, the best thing you can do is to test out your appliances now. I would hate for you to find out that your kitchen appliances are on the fritz right before your guests arrive. If you rarely use your stove and oven, please take a moment to make sure it is in working order before you start to cook your turkey. Make sure it is warming to the correct temperature and that the oven door opens and closes properly. If you need service in your apartment, please create an online work order or give the office a call and we will submit it on your behalf. Since your oven is indispensable on Thanksgiving, you can call your community office and talk to the Camden Call Center. They will get in touch with a maintenance team member and we will treat it as an emergency on this day only.

This little guy can cause so many problems! (That is the disposal, not Antonio. He is wonderful!)

This little guy can cause so many problems! (That is the disposal, not Antonio. He is wonderful!)

Marco, the Maintenance Supervisor for Camden Legacy Park, informed me that this time of year is especially hard on our garbage disposals, and he wanted to pass along a few tips. Please remember that your disposal is not actually an appliance that can be used to dispose of trash. It is meant to help keep your pipes clear of larger food items that might slip down the sink. Certain things will absolutely give you problems if you try to put them down the disposal. The biggest offenders are large amounts of rice, pasta and bread as they can expand and turn gummy in the disposal. Stringy vegetables and peels will clog up your sink very quickly. Please throw away celery, potato peels, carrot peels, etc. Bones will jam your disposal, so please throw your leftover turkey legs in the trash. Finally, if you clean grease off of your pans you are setting yourself up for trouble during the colder months. Grease should be wiped off with a paper towel or poured into a container and thrown away in your garbage can. If you find your sink clogging, there is a red reset button located just under the disposal. That is your first line of attack when your disposal stops working. If you press the button

This button could save the day!

This button could save the day!

and it still does turn on, there is probably something jammed in the blades. Do not reach into the disposal with your hand! You can try using a small amount of dish soap in attempt to lubricate the blades and see if that will help the item slide down. If that doesn’t work, let us know and we will send someone out to repair the disposal when the office reopens after the holidays.

I hope these reminders help you to have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your friends and family!

Happy Thanksgiving from Camden!

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