Apartments That Rival Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Okay, I am beyond lucky to live in Southern California and I know this. A lot of people across the country are dealing with cold temperatures, shoveling snow and I am running through Disneyland on a random Friday night in 70 degree weather. Did I mention it’s the middle of November? Disneyland is a travel destination for many. People visit from around the world to experience the park during the holiday season and it never disappoints. The amazing team at Disneyland decks out the park with lights, decorations and holiday music. It’s an incredible experience for people of all ages. There is so much to see and so much to do. You may even run into Pluto if you’re lucky.

Just hanging with Pluto...

Just hanging with Pluto…

Are you a little on the futuristic side like me? Tomorrowland has rides like Space Mountain, Star Tours – The Adventures Continue and the high-flying rocket ships, also known as Astro Orbitor. I recently got my friends to ride the rockets with me. This tends to be a ride for the little ones, but we owned it and had an amazing time. Yes, it felt a little weird waiting in line for a ride with no child in tow, but whatever. It’s okay to be a big kid sometimes, especially when you have friends that stand alongside you.

Is the Haunted Mansion more your style? What about Pirates of the Caribbean? Head over to New Orleans Square and chow down on some of the best Cajun cuisine in California. I recommend eating at Blue Bayou Restaurant. The Portobello Mushroom and Couscous Macque Choux is pretty amazing. Don’t forget to make a reservation. As one of the highest Yelp rated restaurants at the park, it’s not a secret and they get really busy.

I know you’re still a little full from the couscous, but now that you’re feeling like a kid again, let’s grab a churro and get a little adventurous. Race me to Adventureland, where we can climb Tarzan’s Treehouse™ or journey deep into the unknown thrills of the Indiana Jones™ Adventure. When you’re at Disneyland, your worries disappear and you feel like you’re ten years old again. Everything is magical and there is always a new adventure waiting just around the corner.

Imagine if you could experience this excitement all the time. What if you could live in California? Better yet, what if you could have an apartment that rivaled Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? Lucky for you, Camden has multiple apartment communities throughout Southern California. What’s that old saying? “Work hard, play harder.” Yeah, that tends to happen when you live thirty minutes from The Happiest Place on Earth. Our Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego apartments are ready for you. Are you ready to experience Southern California living? Having Disneyland in your backyard is pretty amazing. If you don’t live here yet, come visit. The weather is perfect and you’re bound to fall in love our amenities.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle - I'm an amazing photographer.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – I’m an amazing photographer.

I mentioned some of my favorite things, but please leave your favorite Disneyland ride or favorite thing about the park in the comment section. Share this post and remember that it’s okay to be a kid sometimes, even if it’s for a day, a weekend or a fun afternoon. You’re never too old for Disneyland.

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  1. My favorite ride is actually driving up the coast of Cali to Disneyland, but if I had to pick an actual ride at one of the theme parks it would be the Cars ride at Adventureland-so FUN!!! Great blog-makes me want to move.

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