What My Family Requires for a Successful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday.  Pretty much your goal for the day is to get where you need to be and be ready to eat.  There’s no pageantry, you don’t need to buy gifts, you just need to eat (and maybe cook).

At my house there are a couple things that are mandatory for a successful Thanksgiving meal (for my strange family) and I would like to share with you.

First off, which is non-negotiable, is a can of cranberry sauce.  None of that fancy homemade stuff will do!  It has to slide out of a can, make a gross slopping noise, and retain the shape of the can.  My husband will refuse to even consider it Thanksgiving without this.  I’m not sure if it is something that has stuck with him from childhood but he will be traumatized without this.


Photo credit foodbeast.com

Second, there has to be pecan pie.  This is my father’s hard line.  I get that its tradition…but no one ever eats it, even my father who is the one that insists on it being there.  It must be a visual thing for him, because time after time he reaches for my pumpkin cheesecake and ignores the pecan pie.  I am happy to eat the candied pecans off of the top of it but get the gooey innards away from me.

My must-have is simple.  I need to have the cheap brown ‘n serve bread rolls.  I think they run about $1 a pack and they are delicious.  I will bring my own if I need to because I refuse to eat a fancy dinner roll with my Thanksgiving meal.  I do love any bread any other time, but for this day is has to be these specific rolls.  I am sure there is some regression in my development that has caused this emotion for me, but simply I love it and I feel it is a reasonable request.

Photo credit caloriecount.about.com

Photo credit caloriecount.about.com

Whatever your family’s quirks are (I know I can’t be alone in this) I hope you all share my love of Thanksgiving.  Food, family, and general lazing about….doesn’t get better than that!

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