Seal of Approval

I came across an article in Rent and Retain magazine and by the title it seemed like it should be in Cosmo, “Men who kiss their wives goodbye in the morning live longer, earn more, and are happier”. Hmmmm, I thought, I need to read this since I’ve been married for 22 years and our fast paced life gets in the way sometimes. Here’s the article:

“A new study has found if you want to be healthier, wealthier, happier and live longer, kiss your spouse before you go to work. According to a study by Dr. Sazbo, and a group of German physicians. along with insurance companies, found that those men who kiss their wives each morning miss less work because of illness, have fewer auto accidents on the way to work, earn 20 to 30 percent more monthly and they live about five years more than those men who don’t kiss their wives in the morning. Dr. Sazbo believes that the kissers begin the day with a positive attitude. A kiss signifies a seal of approval, and he believes those who don’t experience that affirmation leave for work feeling not quite right about themselves.”


So after reading the first part, I shared it with my husband, and of course he started to roll his eyes but stopped, and said, “Yes Hon, I will make more of an effort”. Great answer, that’s what happens after being together so long! But I was still confused why this relationship advice was in Rent and Retain. So I finished the article. It then suggested to apply this theory to our propects and residents. WHAT? Kiss prospects and residents? NO, but to “remember to always leave them with a high note when leaving the office. Your kindness and seal of approval could make a difference in the decision to renew or lease with you!


Remember everyone likes a seal of approval from their peers!

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