How being Happy increases your Success

Did you know that Happiness has been scientifically proven to be a competitive advantage?

People who are happy are:

  • 3x more creative,
  • 31% more productive,
  • 40% more likely to receive a promotion,
  • have 23% fewer fatigue symptoms,
  • are 10x more engaged,
  • 37% greater at sales,
  • And 39% more likely to live to 94!

Just ask Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work.

This Harvard Grad’s book shines a light on what happiness really means – the joy that we feel striving for our potential (not just pleasure), and encourages readers to see things as a privilege, not an expectation.


Photo courtesy of #SuperSoulSunday

This advice is especially helpful during the holidays, where the stress of family, travel, shopping and the like can take their toll on us.

So, in order to help us protect our happiness and success, here are three more pieces of advice from Shawn’s book:

  1. Be Optimistic. Believe your behavior matters, and that positive individual changes ripple to culture change.
  2. Increase your Social Connections. Take advantage of this time with your loved ones and deepen the breadth of your relationships.
  3. Perceive Stress as a Challenge. Understand that problems are only temporary, and just one part of your reality.

Here at Camden, we are always looking for ways to not only improve ourselves, but the lives of all of our customers as well. That’s why this research was so important to us that we decided to create a #CamdenHappy movement.

Each Houston and Corpus Christi community focused on spreading joy in the most creative ways to the greatest number of people possible for a week, and tracked their efforts on social media using the hashtag #CamdenHappy.

Their good deeds ranged from:

  • delivering hugs and treats to residents at work,
  • sending handwritten birthday notes,
  • hosting special events for residents’ family and friends,
  • and honoring local heroes

The results were incredible. Not only did our own happiness increase, but our creativity and productivity as well! Here’s a little video of a few of our efforts.

The #CamdenHappy Movement

We truly love what we do and who we serve, and this was all about paying it forward, spreading joy and celebrating our Camden culture.

What makes you #CamdenHappy?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sarah White is a Regional Marketing Director for the Houston and Corpus Christi communities.

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