To Strip or Not to Strip? Some Tips for Celebrating NYE 2015 in Las Vegas

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Hot Outfit: Check. Best Buds: Check. Plans for NYE: ???

If you’re like me, you prefer to approach any situation that involves a night of fun and partying with a solid plan so that you know exactly what to expect. Since New Year’s Eve is one of the craziest nights for partying all year, it’s really best to have a plan!

When celebrating NYE 2015 in Las Vegas (the craziest of all crazy party cities…in a good way) it is really really best to have a plan.  The question is: To Strip or not to Strip? I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for partying on The Las Vegas Strip vs. Downtown Las Vegas.

New Year’s Eve 2015 on the Las Vegas Strip– Hotel rates average $500-$800 per night and have a 2 night minimum.


  • There are hundreds of parties, hot concerts like Robin Thicke and John Legend, and shows happening up and down The Strip so your options for things to do are endless! There will be celebrities and great people-watching too.
  • Many bars and casinos have great drink specials and discounts to shows or concerts.
  • At midnight there will be a spectacular fireworks show set to music and launched from the roofs of 7 hotels! Enough to make the New York Ball Drop look like a snooze fest.


  • There will be A LOT of people…like 300,000 people! I do not recommend going if you are at all crowd-phobic.
  • Most bars will have steep cover charges and the rates of hotels are pricey.
  • The Strip will be blocked off from vehicle traffic so be prepared to walk…A TON.

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New Year’s Eve 2015 in Downtown Las Vegas- Hotel rates average $200-$300 per night without a minimum stay.


  • The Fremont Street Experience includes a lineup of tribute bands all night long from Fan Halen to Red Not Chili Peppers. Equally good people watching.
  • Really great drink specials! We’re talking all you can drink in some places.
  • A fireworks display that includes both live and virtual fireworks.


  • If you like the dressed to impress, celebrity scene than Downtown Las Vegas might be a little too slow for you.
  • Not as great a view of the amazing fireworks.
  • Fremont Street is closed to anyone not holding a ticket for TributePalooza so you will have to pay just to get in the promenade.

Residents of our Camden Cove and Camden Pines communities can take advantage of their proximity to the Strip and revel with celebrities. Camden Vintage and Camden Pointe are situated close enough to Downtown Vegas to bring in the New Year on Fremont Street. At Camden we love to have fun and to celebrate, but remember to always be safe and responsible!

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