Itty Bitty Fitness Tricks

7 itty bitty

Looking to get that beach body back? Don’t have time to go to the gym? Don’t have the space for that total gym in your apartment? You are in luck! We have compiled some itty bitty fitness tricks to get you slim!

These tricks call for inexpensive and easy to store equipment:

1.      The beloved Exercise ball– 20 crunches

2.      Work out at home using hand weights– (5 to 10 lbs) – 3 sets of 10

3.      Chairs, any chair will do – 20 dips

4.      Workout with Resistance Bands – 3 sets of 10 with medium to hard resistance

5.      Pull-Up Bar – 20 pull-ups

6.      Ab Roller (for those sexy abs) – 3 sets of 10

7.      The Shake Weight…duh – Shake until you can’t shake no more

Take 15 minutes of your busy day and you will see a difference. The great thing about these Itty Bitty Fitness Tricks is that you can use them on business trips, in your Camden apartment home, or even at work. So get your leotard, tube socks and that old Flashdance music going to get fit!

Check out some more fitness ideas with Camden’s blogs My Experience with the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge and Jazzercise Ain’t Your Momma’s Workout.

[Blog Credit to my amazing Camden co-workers: Brandon T, Minh N, Victor M and Amy S.]

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