The Year 2015: All WE Need Is Love

Whenever a new year comes around, we find ourselves making our customary New Year’s Resolutions. Whether our resolutions prompt a change in body image, healthy eating, making better life choices, purchasing that one item that we have been desiring a long time or altering relationships/relationship statuses, the hope of becoming an altogether better person is a light that shines bright every year.

This year, I have decided to change up the meaning of my New Year’s Resolutions. Rather than hoping to make myself a better person, I am hoping to encourage mankind to be better to each other, thus creating better people all the way around. In the year 2015, I have resolved myself to positivity rather than negativity, to “Paying it Forward” and to helping to make the world a better place for all of us, not just for myself.

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In light of the many controversial things that overtook us in 2014 I began to ask myself if some of these things could have been avoided had we, as people, just been kinder to each other every once in a while. If we had just said “Thank you” or “Excuse me” more. What about “Can I help you”? “Let me get that for you?”. Sometimes all it takes to change someones life is a simple, kind word or gesture.

With that being said, I have opted to keep this blog on the shorter side. I feel that 2015 should be the year of “doing”, not “saying”. Pythagoras once said “Do not say a little in many words but a great deal with a few”.

I wish everyone a prosperous start to their New Year and remember the words spoken by the man who walked on the surface of the Moon, Neil Armstrong, showing kindness toward your fellow man can be considered “one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind”.

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