Top 5 Reasons to Spend Winter in San Diego

This is our Winter

Everything you’ve heard about San Diego is true. All of it. Every single palm tree you see in that photo screams “Summer!” Winter doesn’t really exist in our vocabulary and after the occasional rain lets up, we are blessed with clear blue skies and snow white powder in the mountains. It’s a yin and yang of surf and ski that creates the ideal atmosphere for a winter vacation.

1. Swimsuit or Ski Boots? How about both.

Pack both your swimsuit and snow jacket because you’re bound to enjoy the sunny beaches after a visit up in the cabins of Big Bear or Mountain High, one of Southern California’s closest winter resorts.

2. Foodies welcome!

January brings with it the semi-annual event, San Diego Restaurant Week. No tickets or passes are required to experience prefix lunch and dinner menus from over 180 participating restaurants from NorCal to SoCal. Hurry, only 7 days to experience it!

3. Photographer’s haven.

Talk about picture perfect lighting. The sunrise and sunsets in San Diego are even more beautiful in the winter, especially before and after a rain. As the cold front comes in, the colder ice crystals bend and play with the sunlight to form a palette in the sky of pinks, purples and oranges that is absolutely breathtaking.

4. We’re old.

San Diego still has remnants of its Mexican heritage and it’s history is etched into the preserved structures of the renowned Balboa Park and its treasure of museums. If you lived in San Diego, you can take advantage of free admission on Tuesdays!

5. We’re the “Hoppiest Place on Earth.”

We’ve been declared America’s Craft Brew Capital. In northern San Diego you have the HOPS Highway and pretty soon, Chula Vista and National City will experience its own liquid phenomenon. Stay tuned!

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