Decoration Storage in a Small Space

Living in a small space? Or, did you read my previous blog and purchase an entire new holiday decor that you don’t know where to store? If so, the likelihood is that you’re already using all the closet space your apartment home has to offer.  So where do you put all of the newly acquired seasonal decorations? Well, in order to answer this question, you’ll have to think outside the box…literally!

Sure, you can incorporate the clever storage ideas shown in the picture below.

In fact, you can get more ideas like this from other clever storage fanatics here   and here! But maybe you’ve got traditional storage bins that are large and bulky, and you’ll need more space for those. I’m proposing you try ‘open design storage’. This entails you going through the items you currently have stored away and deciding whether or not you think they’re worthy enough to display out in the open as part of your home décor. Sounds crazy, I know! But by doing this you may find that your items are more accessible and that you have more space to store all the new and upcoming seasonal décor that you’re about to purchase.

So, let’s look at a few non-traditional ways of creating more storage space for your Camden apartment home.

    • If you have a lot of shoes on your closet floor, this idea is for you. Clear out all of those shoes from your closet floor and try displaying them in an armoire, preferably glass or see-through. Ladies, I recommend this for you as it will add a feminine appeal to your room and free up ground and wall space for some of those heavier storage boxes that tend to be harder to store away. For the guys, I recommend using cubby holes that match the furniture in your room, as shown below. You can even add additional removable shelving with small decorative storage bins and inexpensive plastic dressers to the floor of your closet.
    • Clear up space in your linen closet by storing your towels out in the open on a wine rack in your bathroom. If your towels match your bathroom décor, then it will look cohesive and clean.
    • Install cubby holes or regular shelves above your bed, night stands, and dressers for more shelf space. Not only will this give you more open storage space but it will give your room more depth.

The possibilities with open storage design are endless! The ultimate goal of trying open storage design is to display show-worthy items you’re currently hiding in your storage spaces, thus, creating storage space for the items you don’t want guests to see. And if you’re still needing more storage space after trying at least one of these ideas, contact the front office to see if your Camden community offers storage units for rent. Good luck!

2 thoughts

  1. This is right up my alley! I am such a sucker for great storage solutions. I have a gift wrap problem where I buy so much of it, but have no place to store it. Thanks for posting this blog!

  2. Lovely ideas! We are downsizing to a small apartment and I need many of these great ideas! To bring a house into an apartment is really horrible! At least getting rid of stuff is not that bad as I thought! Thanks for the post! Greets, Storage Mill Hill Ltd.

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