It’s ALWAYS Valentine’s Day

Ahhh love is in the air!




One of my favorite holidays is Valentinus’s Day!   I know.. I know “It’s not a holiday, Danielle!” But I really love-LOVE! The candy, the beautiful color scheme (pink and white) and hearts everywhere!  Everyone should feel extra LOVE on this day!  Don’t worry its ok if you do not have a significant other to share this Hallmark holiday with; I am going to give you some non-Valentine’s Day activities. There are so many other fun activities you can take part in, without feeling left out.

  1. Visit a local pet shelter! Who doesn’t want a cuddle or snuggle from a furry companion? The best part about visiting a pet shelter are the animals will enjoy the time spent with them as much as much as  you enjoy the seeing those wagging tails when you open their cage. Hey, maybe you can take one home! Many of our Camden communities are pet friendly!
  2. Visit a local nursing home! Many of our “seasoned” citizens love to get visitors! This time of year I am sure most of the adults in the Active Living homes would love to speak with someone young and spunky!  I am certain most of the residents in those homes are pretty spunky themselves! Nothing would make their Valentine’s Day better then to see a new face.
  3. Make it a Girls Night/ Guys Night Out! During my college days; the best times were hanging out with my girlfriends! Watching our favorite romantic movies and eating all the chocolate with no guilt! I know most guys would rather spend that time talking sports; so maybe go to a basketball game or the local sports bar.

As long as February 14th is spent with the people you care and love- that is all that matters. Many of our Camden communities have been showering our residents with love too! Hey, what can we say, we LOVE our residents!


Camden Paces sending some LOVE to their residents!

Camden Paces sending some LOVE to their residents!




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