You Don’t have to go to Brazil to Rock in Rio

This iconic and one of the biggest music festival in the world, will now add a new destination; that’s right Las Vegas!

The Rock in Rio was founded in 1985 by Brazilian Roberto Medina. His launch to success was due in part to the popularity of Frank Sinatra who publicized and evoked American interest.

Courtesy photo from the Las Vegas Review Journal

Courtesy photo from the Las Vegas Review Journal

In the 33-acre of land on the southwest corner of Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd, musical sensations from all around the world will join here to rock Las Vegas. Performers from Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, John Legend, Metallica, The Pretty Reckless, Joss Stone, Ivette Sangalo, Taylor Swift, Mana and the list goes on.

This venue has been an MGM Resorts International and Cirque du Soleil partnership. This venue is said to hold a daily capacity of 80,000 people, this is more than the Madison Square garden and the Yankee stadium put together. This grandiose venue will not only be the home of the Rock in Rio, but it will also host soccer games and boxing matches when not in use for the music festival.

Rock in Rio is right around the corner starting May 8th -16th. Tickets are priced anywhere from $298 to $498. Tickets went on sale January 20th. Las Vegas is the city to be in, where everything comes to you.

This is not your average city. From affordable luxury housing to a multitude of entertainment, it’s no wonder Las Vegas has become the #1 fastest growing city of the decade.

Be a part of this growth, Camden Apartment Homes are located throughout Las Vegas, providing you with competitive luxury housing. Where you can be in the heart of it all.

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