Paying it Forward

I wanted to share a story about one of Camden Main & Jamboree’s own, Otto Ruano. Otto has been with us for 7 years. He is one of the most humble, genuine, hard-working people I’ve ever met. When Otto is not at work he is helping others through his church and at an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.otto5

 In 2007 a church member took Otto down to Casa Hogar Ebenb-Ezer, an orphanage, and immediately Otto and his wife wanted to be more involved and help out. Casa Hogar has 30 children ranging from 3-18 years of age and 6 full-time staff members. All the school-age children attend school so they have the opportunity to attend the University in Mexico. When you turn 18 you have a choice to go to the University and stay at the orphanage or if you don’t attend the University you have to leave. The young adults who do attend the University also help out with the smaller children.  The schools are a fairly long distance from the orphanage and on un-safe streets so Otto donated a van so the children would stay safe and away from the corrupt streets.otto4

Throughout the years, Otto and his wife have become very involved with the orphanage. They visit every 2 months with 25-28 volunteers from their church and spend the entire day there. A typical visit includes a big breakfast, lots of games, lunch, and most importantly, lots of laughter and smiles. Otto will bring the basic needs of rice, beans, cereal, water, toilet paper, etc. which he pays for himself. During the month of December they have a Christmas party with toys and clothes that are donated to his church throughout the year. Also, Otto has arranged a nurse practitioner from Choc Hospital in Anaheim to visit twice a year.otto6

Otto feels so blessed in his life that he wants to share with others. The smile on his face as he tells me about the orphanage, says everything. Thank you Otto for being such a great inspiration and taking care of the people who need it most, the children.otto1otto3

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