DIY and Creative Solutions to Overcome a Tricky Floor Plan

Each Camden property throughout the nation has unique floor plans. Have you ever come across the floor plan that is a fantastic price, but there is something about the floor plan that scares you? Maybe there are angled walls in the bedroom, or perhaps your bedroom does not have a door? As a Leasing Consultant, I try my best to paint the picture of how to decorate a floor plan that may seem like a challenge at first sight, but in reality is the perfect apartment. As hard as I try, sometimes you just need to see a furnished apartment to see how it will work out.


Lyndsay’s floor plan

At Camden Fairfax Corner, we have over 70 floor plans. Each one has a characteristic that makes them special. From our 650 square foot studios to our 1488 square foot 3 bedrooms, we have floor plans that work with every lifestyle, and every piece of furniture. There are a few apartments that at first glance seem like a challenge, but I see them as an opportunity for creativity.

I met Lyndsay in the summer of 2014. She chose Camden for her first apartment home. Lyndsay moved into a 755 square foot studio apartment home in one of our three buildings. After getting to know her better and learning her personality, I found her to be very creative and I was excited to see how she decorated her new home.

As a millennial starting out on her own in the job world, Lyndsay did not have the disposable income to spend on new furniture and decorations.After talking for almost an hour, I discovered that her favorite places to shop for home decor items are World Market, Home Goods, and her parent’s house.


Lyndsay invited me over to see her stylish, bohemian, DIY apartment. I was immediately taken in by the rich, orchid color on the walls. Camden offers painted accents walls, and Lyndsay’s mom surprised her with this painted wall. (Contact your leasing office for pricing). The lotus painting, from Pier 1 Imports, above her sectional sofa (which she found on clearance at a local furniture store) was the inspiration behind her whole apartment design scheme.


The end tables in her apartment were her parent’s and were described as a dark green prior. Lyndsay painted them a golden mustard color, and added new drawer pulls and trinkets from World Market for an added boho touch.


The television stand used to be a tall shelf, which was cut in half. She used the leftover orchid paint to paint the once plain shelf. A beaded tapestry covers the accented square “windows” on her divided living room/bedroom wall. Because her floor plan also does not have a wall that reaches the entire height of the apartment, she added vases, lights, and faux greenery for added privacy and decoration.


Not having a door is an easy fix. Lyndsay hung gold curtains in the doorway for privacy and separation. Entering her 11×11 square foot bedroom, a queen size bed fits perfectly. Nestled in a side nook is a dresser that once started off as 1990’s brown finish (we all had one of those growing up). She painted the dresser black and took neon paint and added graffiti to modernize her clothing storage.


The opposite side of the bedroom “windows” has picture frames and decorates the once plain wall.


My favorite creative solution is in Lyndsay’s massive walk in closet. She took wire baskets and hung them on the wall to create a jewelry storage and display. Getting ready in the morning is now easier that she can see her accessories.


Leaving the apartment, I see a cute, Victorian style end table with Tiffany lamp and catch all basket for keys and loose change. The wall above features an antique, gold mirror.


With not a lot of money and time, Lyndsay was able to make her once tricky floor plan into a place she can call home for years to come. Try out these DIY solutions to liven up your unique Camden floor plan!

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