The Camden ACE Awards

Big Top Camden. Photo courtesy of Candice Voigt.

Big Top Camden. Photo courtesy of Candice Voigt.

Whether you’re a Camden resident, have a friend or family member that works for Camden, if you are one of our vendors, or maybe just heard of Camden through the internet, I believe it’s important to know the company behind the name. Camden is a well-known multifamily housing company that provides homes to families across the country. Camden has also been named FORTUNE® Magazine “100 Best Companies to Work For” for 7 years in a row ranking at number 11.

Camden’s culture lies in the heart of the company and every year our company has their annual ACE Awards to celebrate the accomplishments of each of our communities, and reflect on another great year with our Camden family. Each city gathers together with all of the Camden communities from that area to celebrate! I’m sure you’re wondering what “ACE” stands for! ACE is our hummingbird mascot, and ACE stands for “Achieving Camden Excellence”. We truly strive to provide all of our customers with living excellence. Each year we have a theme of the awards, and when you work for Camden, themes are not taken lightly. This year’s theme was “Big Top Camden“, The Best REIT on Earth”. Our company turned this theme into a circus theme, with a balloon filled room, popcorn, peanuts, costumes of the fire breather, the ringmaster, strong man, two-headed woman, and many more! Each community builds a centerpiece to go with theme, and we can dress up as well.

The awards vary from rent opportunity, NOI growth, resident retention, customer service, safety award, and many more. This year, my property Camden Brushy Creek won five awards including Property of the Year! It was a great year for us. Our company also recognizes two employees for the “ACE Award”. These two employees are nominated by their co-workers for being an outstanding and dedicated employee and providing excellent customer service. Both of our ACE Awards winners truly deserved the award, and many tears and hugs were shared while listening to their co-workers heart-warming words about them.

Camden Brushy Creek Property of the Year Award! Photo courtesy of Lacy Bailey.

Camden Brushy Creek Property of the Year Award! Photo courtesy of Lacy Bailey.

One of Camden’s values is “Have Fun”, and the ACE Awards is our chance to have fun together as a city and celebrate another year of providing living excellence to all of our customers. We dance, sing, clap, eat, and embrace what an amazing company we work for. It’s a great bonding experience. Either our President or CEO, or sometimes both go to each and every ACE Awards all over the country to thank their employees in person for all their hard work.

Clowning around at ACE!

Clowning around at ACE!

Not only is Camden a great place to live, it is a great place to work! I am very thankful to work for such an amazing company that gives us the opportunity to have some fun, while recognizing all of our accomplishments and stand out employees and communities.

Next time you are looking for a great place to live, also consider the company behind the scenes. Maybe you own your own company, and are looking for a way to give back to your employees, throw them an end of the year celebration with some awards and fun!

3 thoughts

  1. As a former employee I will say this …. Camden is the BEST company I’ve ever worked for!!! I wish they were still in St. Louis. The Camden culture is like no other! Their employees are most important to them and it shows through the Camden values. You are not just an employee … you become part of the Camden family! That is what makes Camden the BEST place to work.

  2. Here’s another grateful employee from Tampa that loves this Blog! Thanks for sharing our story so eloquently.

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