Easter Bunny Is Coming to Town! Whose Got Their Eggs Ready?


Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining! We all love Spring and it is the time of year we get a visit from our favorite floppy earned friend! That’s right…. Easter Bunny is coming to town! It is time to get into festive mode as we plan and prepare for a fun spring time holiday with our family and friends.

My kids really enjoy the Easter holiday. In our family the boys wake up to a great big Easter basket that is filled to the rim with all sorts of fun toys, trinkets, and candies all delivered by none other than the Easter bunny! They look forward to the sweetness overload and prepare themselves for the annual Easter egg hunt that is complete with not only one BUT two prize eggs housing a whopping $5 in each egg! Jackpot for whoever is lucky enough to find the prize eggs.


Before they get to hunt the eggs they have to color the hard boiled eggs. It is an annual tradition in our home. They get three dozen eggs to color however they choose. They can mix and match colors. They can blend together multiple colors. When they are being extra creative they will even put designs on the eggs! There will be speckled eggs, patterned eggs, and more as they get to work on decorating these eggs. They go all out on this event and we have every color egg imaginable by time it is all over. There are even some colors that pop up that you weren’t sure even existed! Never a dull moment in our home and my boys will utilize every resource available to them to get creative. Here are some neat tricks and techniques they have used in coloring their Easter eggs.

3 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs

1. Kool Aid Dyed Eggs
Ever thought about using Kool Aid to dye eggs? Why not? When my kids want some vibrant colors they will use packets of Kool Aid to give them bright vibrant eggs. The color of the eggs turns out brighter than traditional dye. It is very simple and easy to do. It is inexpensive as you can often find packets of Kool Aid 5 for $1. Just mix the Kool Aid packet in water in a coffee cup and place the egg inside the cup and let it sit. Stir around occasionally. Just be careful because Kool Aid will stain your counter tops… hard lesson learned. I would advise placing a mat or towel down under the cups to prevent it from spilling over on to your counter tops.

kool aid

2.Yarn and String  

Use items to create patterns on your eggs. My boys will tie yarn/string around the eggs in various patterns. Once the egg is dunked and dyed and the string is removed you will see a neat pattern on the eggs. There are different things you can use to create these patterns. You can use string, pipe cleaners, yarn, masking tape,rubber bands, etc. Anything that will create a block from the dye reaching the egg will work in creating your patterns on your egg. Wrap the object around the egg in whatever pattern you desire and then place the egg in the dye.Just make sure your egg is dry before removing your item to prevent the dye from bleeding over and ruining your design. Once you unwrap the egg your beautiful designed egg will appear!

3. Paint and Markers                                                        

Another way to customize your eggs is by using paint or markers. Once the eggs are dyed and dry you can add designs to your egg using a paint set or simply a marker. I have seen polka dots, squiggles, lines, and faces added to eggs to create custom one of a kind eggs. This is super easy and a fun way for your kiddos to decorate their eggs. Try personalizing them with their names or initials for added customization! My kids enjoy looking for “their” very own egg that has their name on it.


When it comes to decorating their Easter eggs every year it never ceases to amaze me the extent they will go to make their eggs their very own customized creation. They really enjoy being unique and making them all very different and each year their designs and ideas get better and better. It is their way of exploring and creating and I love watching them and seeing their finished products. Regardless of which way you choose to enjoy this Easter tradition in your beautiful Camden home, just remember to relax and enjoy the moment. These are the moments that turn into life long memories.

Wishing you and your family a joyous Easter holiday filled with lots of decorative Easter eggs, chocolate Easter bunnies, and quality family time with the ones that matter most. Enjoy!

Happy Easter

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