How to survive owning a Cat

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Owning a cat can be a lovely and rewarding experience – they cuddle, purr, and show lots of love. Unfortunately, cats can also be destructive. I’ve written a few tips and tricks based on my extensive cat knowledge and general obsession with cats.

No Fringe, No Way

If you’ve ever owned a cat then you already know – fringe is a very bad idea. Whether it’s on rugs, clothes hanging in the closet, or a lampshade, your cat cannot resist the urge to decimate it. Cats, for some reason, see fringe and think prey. I’ve never met a cat who didn’t want to chew on some fringe. So, if a cat is in your future, make sure that fringe is not.


Window Blinds can be your best friend or worst enemy

Cats like to look out windows – it’s just who they are. If you were cooped up all day, wouldn’t you want to look at something other than the tan sofa? And yet, somehow we are surprised when the cat in our life destroys the window blinds trying to watch their own version of kitty cat cartoons.

My problem solving technique is to always have my blinds raised at least two feet. I’m sure my neighbors think it’s odd, but my cat can always jump in the window without irreversibly bending my blinds.

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Water, water everywhere

It’s rare, but a lot of cats like water and my cat is one of them. I have learned that I absolutely cannot leave a cup of water out or my cat will have his head or paw in it. If he’s desperate enough, he’ll tip the whole thing over.

I have now collected a million cups with lids or I just drink out of water bottles.

All of this has made cats sound like little terrors – and they are. But they also cuddle and purr and are totally worth it. At Camden, we proudly accept cats at all of our communities – check with your community to get more details!

So, if you want to keep your cat out of trouble and busy with something you made out of love – check this out!

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