A Stroll Down Corpus Christi’s Shoreline Boulevard

Gazebo on Shoreline Blvd.

Gazebo on Shoreline Blvd.

The weather in Corpus Christi the last few days have been pretty much the definition of heaven; 70 degree weather with a cool breeze that grazes your skin. The Starks in the Game of Thrones can keep their motto “Winter is coming,” because summer is on it’s way here in South Texas and Camden residents want to feel the sun! (Also known as the real world, sorry GOT fans and those of you who don’t know what GOT is.)

So on a serious note, I thought it’d be nice to brag on my city a little bit. Although I’ve lived in other cities within Texas, I was born and raised in Corpus Christi. It is my home; my safe haven. Though it is particularly small, it is growing. This city has so much potential and spectacular views that others only dream of.The Snowie at Shoreline Blvd. & Peoples St.

So as I was walking down Shoreline Boulevard with my best friend and her adorable daughter (pictured above with her bubblegum snow cone), I thought I’d snap a few pictures of some of the things you can do along the boulevard and share them with you. Maybe you, too, will enjoy a day down Shoreline Boulevard soon!

Before we started our stroll, we grabbed a refreshing snow cone from the Snowie located at Peoples St. and Shoreline Blvd. They have a great selection of flavors, with my favorite being tiger’s blood! This stand has been servicing tourists and residents of C.C. for 15 years and are a go-to for the boulevard guests with snacks available as well.

McGee Beach, Selene Memorial Statue, Downtown C.C.

McGee Beach, Selene Memorial Statue, Downtown C.C.

We walked by McGee Beach; a good-sized beach strip that’s in the middle of downtown. Its actually pretty neat. You’ll see people playing sand volleyball and laying out. You have access to a restaurant in walking distance, and can rent a tent or bring your own. With a park right across the street and free parking, it’s great for a family day out.

Shortly down the boulevard, there is the Selena Memorial Statue. Here, fans of the singer, songwriter, spokesperson, and actress can take a photo with her statue and learn a little more about her.

You’ll notice there will be people running, skating, walking their dogs, and riding bikes down the boulevard’s wide sidewalk. There are also people riding segways, as they’re available to rent. This seems to be a popular activity right now.

Down the way, you’ll be glad to see Cole Park. It’s a large park with picnic tables and open grassy areas. Making it perfect for an outdoor picnic and a good place to fly kites. When I was  younger, I hogged the swings at this park and wouldn’t hesitate to do it today, either!

It doesn’t stop at segway rentals, either. There are also paddle boats, jet skis,  and bicycles you can rent down the boulevard.

And I can’t forget the Harbor Ferry! It provides a nice, relaxing ferry ride from the Peoples Street T-Head to the Texas State Aquarium/North Beach Area. Starting May 23rd, it’s open 7 days a week and costs $3.00 round trip.

Harbor Ferry, Cole Park, Landry's Seafood Restaurant

Harbor Ferry, Cole Park, Landry’s Seafood Restaurant

So if you’re like me (a human), then you’ll find yourself getting hungry after a good walk. So all you have to do is walk down to Peoples Street T-Head area off the boulevard and you’ll find a few seafood restaurants worth trying. Both Landry’s Seafood Restaurant and Harrison’s Landing are restaurants on a boat, and it doesn’t get cooler than that!

Harrison's Landing, Fun Time Rentals

Harrison’s Landing, Fun Time Rentals

So if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, or planning to have family come visit you in your Camden apartment home soon, then I encourage you to consider Corpus Christi’s very own Shoreline Boulevard. It is really beautiful and makes for a good bite to eat, a good site to see, and a some good fun!

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