Red Nose Day

Michael Brown Red Nose day

Michael Brown Red Nose day

Red nose day is coming on May 21st! If you have been in a Walgreen’s recently, watched one of the YouTube video’s online or even seen the TV commercials then you know what red nose day is all about.  Of course I had to get more details when I found out that I could wear a red nose at work and it was not only accepted but encouraged. Plus I would do anything to get a smile or a laugh.

If you want to be a part of the fun as well all you need to do is stop in Walgreens before or on May 21st and purchase a red nose for $1 dollar.  This will show your support for keeping children out of poverty all over the world. The U.K has been the biggest supporter for red nose day for 30 years. The money that is raised on Red nose day will help fund both domestic and international poverty issues. Maybe even get your family involved in it. What a great way to explain poverty to your kids.

Image courtesy of US Magazine - Christina Aguilera

Image courtesy of US Magazine – Christina Aguilera

NBC is actually going to run a 3 hour special on May 21st from 8pm to 11pm ET or you can log onto for more information. This event will have the support of many different celebrities like Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Will Ferrell, P-Diddy and many more. The Red Nose Day was started by Richard Curtis to unite people from all walks of life in the interest of saving and changing lives around the globe. He thought that the celebrity could raise money and increase awareness. The motto is “Do something funny to raise money!”

You can look online and get all sorts of great ideas on how to make the day fun. The UK celebrated Red nose Day on March 13th this year. You can click on this link to see how they celebrated the day. What can you do to raise money to save children in poverty? All the Camden Communities in CA will be collecting money for the cause. We will have a Red Nose on will you?

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