Our Culture is about the People

I’m frequently asked “What makes Camden a great place to work?” and I always say the same thing. It’s the people. Camden employees are committed to making Camden a fun place to work. Thirty years ago when Ric and I started the company we didn’t say that we wanted to build a Fortune’s Great Places to Work© for company, but that we wanted to create a great workplace and that starts with the people we recruit. We made a conscious effort to create a workplace that’s fun. Honestly, a fun workplace is outside the realm of most people’s work experience. It’s important to us to find people who get the culture we were looking for and understand that helping to build that culture is an expectation. Those are the creative and energetic people that would carry the torch and help our culture thrive.


It’s also important to have a work environment that supports those efforts. When we built our new offices in 11 Greenway Plaza it was important to have numerous open spaces while still allowing the employees enough privacy to get their work done. We looked at the use of color, art, and materials to support the idea that our workspace is the foundation for the fun, open culture we have at Camden. Our offices truly capture the personality of our company and its employees. The Camden staircases are open, colorful and connect all our floors and people to each other. There’s no need to go into a stale, ugly stairwell to get to another floor. Both the culture and the physical environment contribute to our employees’ productivity.
Creating Camden as a great workplace has been a labor of love and has allowed us to grow our business without losing the culture which makes Camden unique. We are constantly looking for amazing people that can help carry on our traditions – and start new ones.

For more reasons your workplace is so important, check out this video.

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