Easy Tip to Avoid Losing Socks: in Honor of Lost Socks Memorial Day

Everyone has an area in their home dedicated to lonely socks missing their mates. The fate of the misplaced socks is still one of the greatest mysteries of all households. Some choose to believe in Sock Heaven, others in the Sock Ness Monster. Whatever your beliefs, May 9th is Lost Socks Memorial Day, a holiday dedicated to spending a short time trying to find the absent socks, exalting in any that are recovered, and reverently discarding the matchless socks that are left behind.

Have you ever imagined a world where socks don’t go missing and your drawers are filled with happy, perfectly paired socks? That world is possible with one simple trick that my grandfather taught me. In all the years that I knew him, that man never lost a sock. Here’s how:

Safety pin your socks and they'll always be together!

Safety pin your socks and they’ll always be together!

1)  Keep a bowl of safety pins in a spot easy to access from your sock drawer.

2) As you remove your socks each night, safety pin them together before putting them in the laundry hamper.

3) The socks go through the washer and dryer securely pinned to each other and then make it safely into your sock drawer.

4) When you are ready to don a pair of the pinned socks, simply remove the safety pin and place it in the bowl then start the whole process over!

It’s that simple! Begin this easy process and you will start seeing your pile of forlorn single socks disappear.

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