Why You Should Food Truck It

Photo Courtesy: www.hycclub.org

Photo Courtesy: http://www.hycclub.org

Recently, here at Camden Lake Pine, we have discovered the awesomeness that is the food truck. We have started what we call Food Truck Fridays. Big hit. Like big. Huge. But on that ever so serious note…where have these been my whole life? Why did we wait so long to do this? Why have I personally never eaten from of food truck in my 35 years of life until now? As I sit here, still dreaming of those summer veggie tacos from Bam Pow Chow, I wonder how many people are still fast asleep in the world of food trucks. Just how many have yet to give them a try or don’t know anything about the food trucks in their area? I’m here to shed that proverbial light on the subject. I mean just look at that taco:

Tacos from Bam Pow Chow (Photo Courtesy: www.bampowchow.com)

Tacos from Bam Pow Chow (Photo Courtesy: http://www.bampowchow.com)

Food trucks, by definition, are essentially just mobile restaurants. That means great food fast and convenient. And it’s not just savory food. There are dessert food trucks, too. We recently had Jam Ice Cream out for one of our Sweet Treat Thursdays. So delicious.

In the spirit of reasoning, here are some top reasons why you need to look up your local food trucks, like, now.

  • Portable. It’s not the same as take-out. I swear. It’s different somehow. I don’t know if it is the mind just processing your meal differently or what, but when you get it, in whatever form they serve it in, just know you can walk away with it and go sit anywhere you like to eat it. Whether that be back at your office or a nearby park, the possibilities are endless.
  • Fast. So you may have lines…but that is it. There is no adding your name to a list, getting seated, having a waiter come back three times before your order is taken, then waiting 30 minutes for your meal. Order – Pay – Eat. This is definitely convenient when you are in a hurry but want something yummy.
  • Affordable. Food trucks have pricing that is for the most part lower than what you would pay in a sit down restaurant. Their overhead is lower so that gets passed down to the patrons.
  • Perfect Amount. They serve just the right amount of food. It’s just as simple as that.
  • Variety. A lot of areas, especially metro areas, have corners or even whole streets lined with food trucks, especially around lunch time. Even though they have limited menus, in actuality you kind of have like a gabillion choices in front of you. Think of it as smorgasbord. Food trucks in general have the ability to change their menu’s like that, too, offering something different from what you had last week.
  • Support. The food truck is a nation. You are supporting not only the food truck population, but other locals as well as a lot tend to purchase that days ingredients from local producers and farmers.
  • Exciting. You have this insane ability to try new things. One truck on one corner could be Thai, then the other truck next to it could be Indian. Then the one next to them? It could be a Thai Indian fusion (did I just create something?). You also get to meet new people while you’re standing in line. Hey. This could be the newest way to meet a sweetie.
  • At Your Fingertips. Almost every single food truck out there has a website. On that website? Their location at your fingertips. If you’re feeling froggy, you can get an app on your phone to actually do the locating for you.

Now about once or twice a year, a lot of places have what is called a Food Truck Rodeo. This is where TONS of food trucks bro it up and take up city block after city block. You esentially get to food truck hop all day long. It’s a great way to get to know the food trucks in your area plus try them out. You can then decide if you want to stalk their location on a daily basis. And I’ve heard that can and does happen. Here in Raleigh, our Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo happens four times a year. Yeah. We’re blessed. So check to see if you have a rodeo that takes place in your area at some point.

Care to get a jumpstart on where local food trucks hang out in your Camden area? Check out the links below.

Washington, D.C.
Raleigh, NC
Charlotte, NC 
Atlanta, GA
Tampa, FL
Orlando, FL
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Miami, FL
Dallas, TX
Austin, TX
Houston, TX 
Corpus Christi, TX
Denver, CO 
Phoenix, AZ 
Las Vegas, NV
San Diego, CA
L.A (Orange Co.), CA

Now, where will you food truck today?

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