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There was a time when this ex-dancer used to run and hit the gym. But then I crossed into that dangerous territory where there was no self-motivation left to just go jog around the neighborhood. And with the weather in Houston, Texas, it’s like trying to go for a run inside a hot yoga class. So what’s got me back on the fitness bandwagon? Class Pass.

You may have heard that name thrown around or maybe you’ve seen the ad on your Facebook feed. There’s a nifty app for everything these days and you probably didn’t think about fitness going mobile. But now it has.

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Class Pass is one of those ideas that make you think, “Why did I not come up with this?!” You pay a one-month subscription ($79 for Houston) that gains you access to take unlimited fitness classes at participating studios (up to 3 classes/studio every month). I like to call it a revolutionary, budget-friendly investment in your body, mind and soul.

Here are my top five reasons you need to go sign up for Class Pass as soon as you finish reading my blog post (or sooner if I convince you halfway through):

  1. There are classes on classes.
    As the name should suggest, you’ve got a lot to choose from. Currently, there are 114 participating studios all around Houston. You are bound to find quite a few close to your Camden home. I live in the suburbs, my boyfriend lives in the inner loop, and I work somewhere in between. Needless to say, I cover a lot of ground. Class Pass makes it easy for me to sign up for classes located near me, wherever I may be. There are endless options to choose from with times ranging from 4 am – 10 pm. And the app is very user-friendly. You can narrow your search by time, activity type, neighborhood, and studio.Personal profile on
  1. But classes on classes does NOT mean it’s repetitive.
    With the variety Class Pass offers, I dare you to be bored. In my short two weeks of membership, I’ve taken body conditioning, yoga, aerial yoga, and (my first!) barre class. But I haven’t even explored hot yoga, pilates, cycling, cross fit, kickboxing, dance, Zumba, boot camps, and the list goes on. Don’t fret, you are sure to find your mojo.
  2. It forces exercise to be a priority in your life.
    As it should be. I know I’m guilty of not taking the best care of my body, but maintaining an active lifestyle truly makes a world of a difference. I’ve been on both sides, and active is always greener. Class Pass makes it easy and fun to create your schedule for the week or month. I’ve found myself getting excited about discovering what’s being offered on my free time. It’s made exercise become something I think about doing three-four times a week, instead of rearranging it to be placed at the bottom of my to-do list.
  3. You know that thing you’ve always wanted to try?
    You can! Nobody wants to drop $20 to try that one aerial yoga class or commit to a 5-pack cycling class that you end up hating. Class Pass allows you to sample around and if you come across something that makes you miserable, you never have to go back. But more so, it will help you get out of your comfort zone and take up that thing you never thought you’d do. You could surprise yourself. My next adventure – pole dancing classes. Sounds like another blog post.
  4. Get social.
    Working out alone can be boring and un-motivating. There’s something about an instructor’s voice pushing you and being in class with others that make you hold that plank a couple seconds longer. It’s easy to give up on yourself, but I promise they won’t give up on you. Another perk is to get your friends in on it. Everyone runs on their own schedule, and this makes it easy to connect and take classes together or by yourself. Go take a class and grab some lunch after. Get. Off. Your. Netflix. I’m sorry, but it’s not a real friend.

Bonus: Class Pass Flex! With this option, you can change your current city and sign up for class in any participating location. No more vacation weight!

So what’s the downside? As most fine prints go, Class Pass does have a sneaky one. If you can no longer make it to a class, you must cancel 12 hours prior or you will incur a $15 cancellation fee. If you just don’t show up at all, you’ll be forking over $20 instead. Life happens, and it would suck if something comes up or if you have to stay at work a little bit longer, but I think of it as motivation to commit (to all you commitment-phobes out there, this will keep you in check). Your body deserves the time taken out to keep it healthy. Don’t flake on it now.

So break out of our fabulous Camden

fitness centers once or twice a week and try something new!

Still hesitant? They occasionally run specials, so wait until they offer a discounted trial or a free week period. That way you don’t have much to lose except maybe a few pounds.

Class Pass is currently in 32 cities and growing. Check out for more information.

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