Millennials Tell All: Why Camden is one of the best workplaces for Millennials

Camden was recently named #24 in the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials in FORTUNE Magazine. At Camden, we are very honored and proud to have a ranking on this list. We asked a few Millennials to tell us why they love working for Camden!

Josh Parulian

“I love the focus placed on relationships and family, and the caliber of the employees I work around. They know how to work efficiently and how to have fun while working.” – Josh

Danielle Rivers

“As a millennial, what I love about Camden is that they value our generation’s opinion and ideas. Every year Camden will gather a group of millennials together called the ‘In Committee’ and discuss ways to keep Camden innovative and fresh!” – Danielle

Jason West

“I love the fact that I can be myself at work. I always feel like I am welcomed, and can speak my mind. It is nice to know my opinion counts.”- Jason

Lindley Cohen

“Even though we have a market cap of over $9 billion, Camden still has that small, close-knit company feel. The environment is very collaborative, with teams from all departments coming together to make the best decision for the company. As a result, I feel like I have built some great relationships (and friendships) with my coworkers, which is ultimately better for business.” – Lindley

Brandon Thomas

“Camden has been my professional home for almost 9 years now. They have taken an active role in coaching me and giving me the tools to better my career.  We have a family atmosphere and I’ve made some close friends. And, I take great pride in bettering our local communities through Camden’s charitable events.” – Brandon

Yadira Ibarra

“I love having the opportunity to socialize and build new friendships during the many fun events at Camden. Such as Taco Truck Tuesday, where we pushed a mini Taco Truck around the office to raise money for charity!” – Yadira

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