Top five things to do in Spain

I work for Camden, one of the best companies to work for according to fortune magazine (Ranked #10!). One thing you will notice when you step into our office is our name tags don’t just have our names, it also includes our passion. Mine is travel and I do it as often as I can. I just got back from a trip to Spain and it was amazing. Everything from the sights to the food and of course the people were enchanting. Here are my top five things to do in Spain.

1. Take a road trip to Costa Brava: My friend Danielle and I were in Barcelona and decided to rent a car and drove to a charming beach city about an hour and a half away. We rented a Fiat from Enterprise for about $60 and took off for our day adventure. We found this little cove with a castle on top of it! We also visited a lovely restaurant and had the best gazpacho and mixed grilled vegetables with Romesco sauce!


2. Visit Park Guell: This is such a beautiful park to spend the day. There are beautiful mosaic tiles at one of the lookout points which is gorgeous at sunset. You can see the entire city and admire all of its beauty. It was also featured in the movie, Vicky Christina Barcelona which we watched before we went on our trip to get us excited. I would highly recommend!


3. Visit Mercado De San Miguel in Madrid: This market is a fantastic place if you are into food and wine. You can find some of the freshest seafood tapas, wine, sangria, and much more. Check it out for yourself, you will be happy you did!


4. Visit Montserrat: If you are in Barcelona you can take around a two hour train to Montserrat. It is a monastery in the mountains. During certain times you can even catch the children’s choir.


5. Visit the Alhambra (Granada): Pictures of the Alhambra just don’t do a justice. This place is absolutely breath taking. It is a palace and fortress with beautiful water features, majestic gardens, and a view of the city.  Don’t miss out on the bounty of restaurants that serve free tapas with your drinks and the delicious churros dipped in chocolate!


I live in San Diego and it is pretty hard to leave especially during the summer months but  If you ever find yourself in need of an adventure Spain is a great place to start. There is an abundance of great food, culture and it is one of the more affordable places to visit in Europe.

Check out my top things to do in San Diego and look for more Things to do soon!

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