Unleash Your Inner Foodie: Miami Spice 2015

While I normally get my “foodie” fix by watching Food Network and browsing recipes on Pinterest, there is no substitute to exposing your taste buds to delicious food *insert happy dance here*. There is no better way to discover and enjoy tasty meals than by taking advantage of Miami Spice.

Miami Spice is a thrilling restaurant promotion that takes place from August 1st through September 30th. Participating restaurants offer three-course meals at reduced prices: Lunch for $23 and Dinner for $39.

Top photo: First Date 08/14/10 Bottom photo: Wedding Day:05/27/15

Top photo: First Date 08/14/10 Bottom photo: Wedding Day:05/27/15

Restaurant Week promotions hold a near and dear place in my heart. On August 14th, 2010, my now husband asked me to be his girlfriend. We had an amazing day in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and visited the National Aquarium. Of course, we culminated the day with a romantic Restaurant Week steak dinner at the Capital Grille.

It has become our tradition to celebrate our anniversary by taking advantage of local restaurant week offerings.

This year will be no different! We have reservations made at Bourbon Steak (minutes away from Camden Aventura) to celebrate not only our five-years together, but also our recent marriage!

Can't wait to try the delicious food at Bourbon Steak Miami. Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/BourbonSteak

Can’t wait to try the delicious food at Bourbon Steak Miami. Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/BourbonSteak

With my years of practice I thought I would share some advice on how to make the most of Miami Spice:

Do Research- Make sure to take the time to research. Look over the restaurants’ Miami Spice menus to find what seems most appealing. Do note that some restaurants do not offer their Miami Spice menu on weekends, so be sure to take that into account when planning your dining experience.

Make Reservations- Regardless of the day or time be sure to make a reservation. This will avoid long wait times to be seated.

Go To Lunch- Taking advantage of the more affordable lunch rate is one of my favorite ways to get the most bang for my buck. Many restaurants offer lunch menus comparable to their dinner menus. Why not treat yourself to a nice meal during a workday?

Try Something New- Use this great promotion as an opportunity to try a new restaurant or a new type of cuisine. The discounted rate makes it a bit easier to stray away from your comfort zone.

Indulge in a Favorite- My husband and I love steak dinners. Miami Spice allows us to indulge in our favorite type of restaurant dinner without breaking the bank!

So go on and check out Miami Spice. Take a look and see what participating restaurants are closest to your South Florida Camden Apartment Home and be sure to unleash your inner foodie!

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