Houston METRO Unveils New Bus Network on August 16

Bus ScheduleThe Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) gets an upgrade this August with its New Bus Network! Houston Camden residents will rejoice because mass transit just got faster, more efficient and easier to use whether you live in our urban inner-loop communities or in areas like Westchase and the Energy Corridor. This new network will connect one-million Houstonians to one-million jobs.

According to METRO, New Bus Network improvements include:

  • Frequent service during the week and on weekends. This will give people more freedom to go where they want, when they want- seven days a week.
  • Interval bus arrivals. No need to look at a schedule because buses arrive in intervals. Depending on the route, this could be as little as every 15 minutes or less!
  • Linking riders to more destinations and improving trips to key activity centers throughout the region with faster, simpler, easy to navigate routes.
  • Next Bus Arrival texting. This will allow riders to text METRO and get real-time estimated arrival information on their phones!
  • Improved functionality of the METRO T.R.I.P. app. Everything you need to travel is on your phone! Folks can also use the Google Transit Planner to plan a trip. Learn more about all Rider tools here.

This new system will offer more convenient job connections for many of Camden’s West Houston communities:

The new METRO network will also improve walkability for our urban communities:

METRO is offering free rides August 16-22

METRO is offering free rides August 16-22

Plus, METRO is offering free rides during its first week!

For questions about your commute or a route, call 713-635-4000 to speak with a METRO Customer Care representative.

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