3 Back To School Tips!

Ahhh… it is that time again! School bells are ringing and there is the sweet sound of children’s laughter in the air. It is Back to School Time! As a single mother of three, this time of year proves to be one of the busiest times. Everything is kicking off and I’m being pulled in every which direction. The juggling act begins as we begin juggling kids off to school, a career, athletics, dinner, homework, and the countless loads of laundry that needs to be done. Where does all of that laundry come from anyways? Even though this is my busiest time I vowed that this year I would be better and become organized with my back to school efforts. Let’s see how successful I am with my attempt but the ideas were too great not to share. Hopefully, this will help you as you prepare yourself for another school year.

School Snacks:
We all know about the countless snacks that are needed for the kiddos during the school year. Usually teachers allow snacks and bottled water to be taken into the classrooms. Healthy snacks are great to keep your children energized and focused throughout their day. In my home, however, it becomes a battle on what to bring for school snack. So this year I created a snack drawer. I bought a Rubbermaid three drawer container which contains school snacks. These snacks can be used to take to school or for after school snack. One drawer is labeled with “Homemade”. The 2nd is labeled “Store Snacks” and the 3rd is labeled “Sweet Snacks”. In the homemade drawer I have small bags of dry cereal (Cheerios are my kids favorite), gold fish snacks, and bags of graham crackers. In the store snack drawer there are granola bars, crackers, individual bags of pretzels and animal crackers. And last of all, the sweet drawer. The favorite drawer of all of the drawers and it contains individual bags of cookies, rice crispy treats, and Little Debbie snack cakes. This drawer is only for after school snacks and these options are not allowed in the schools. I also keep small bags of grapes and apple slices in the fridge as well as a snack option. So far this has made my life so much easier. They are responsible for picking their own snacks for the day and they can pick from the snacks available. The best part is that I am not running around that morning trying to get a snack together for them to take.


What to wear:
So many decisions and so many choices! Normally each night we pick out what we want to wear for the next day so there is no confusion in the morning. However, I found this really neat system that I am trying out and it has been a life saver. You just simply need a 5 drawer container and label each drawer for each day of the week. On Sunday night we pick out an outfit for each day of the week and place one outfit in each drawer. Presto! Their outfits for the week are already decided upon! Since I am not in rush mode to get out the door, we can discuss what activities are going on or if they are supposed to wear a specific color or theme to school on a certain day. I can make sure it is all planned in advance. There is nothing more frustrating than the night before or the morning of green shirt day and you can’t find a green shirt for your child to wear. We have all been there. This makes the mornings run so much smoother.


Household Duties:
They certainly do not stop just because our lives just got busier because of back to school! My kids have set chores that they are responsible for, however, that is only a fraction of the household duties that are starring me in the face every day. I saw this and fell instantly in love! A chore board with cash! Simply place some additional chores that need to be completed with the amount of cash you feel like the chore is worth ($1, $2, $10 you decide!) and if they want to earn a little more allowance then they can pick a chore and get the money for completing it! Book fair at school? Pick a chore and earn some money! Want to go to the movies with your friends? Great! I think there are towels that need to be folded. What a great way to take stuff off your plate but also teach your children the value of a dollar.

Money Board

Let’s face it; we are moms… not superheroes! Although, I do feel like I have an “S” on my chest some days! We need some help from time to time and anything we can do to make our life’s that much easier and our days run that much smoother is well worth it. I hope that you will find these tips helpful as you start your back to school season with your kiddos. My hope is that these tips will make your beautiful Camden home more organized and less stressful. Best of luck to you and your family as you embark on another school year!

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