Blue Apron: This Year’s Top Kitchen Accessory!

Looking for a way to add some “spice” to your dinner menu without making a trip to the grocery store?? If your answer is yes, then Blue Apron is your solution! Blue Apron is a nationwide delivery service that includes original recipes AND the ingredients! One of the many great features is that it caters to beginners as well as “seasoned” chefs! Now let’s turn up the heat and get cooking!…

How it works: Each order is delivered to your door in an insulated cardboard box. There are three meals in each shipment and every meal includes step-by-step instructions with high-quality, colored photos. All of the pre-proportioned ingredients come in neat, individually-labeled packages. If you are a fan of packaging and/or presentation, you will be hooked before prepping! All you will need is a of couple pots and pans, standard cooking utensils, olive oil, and salt and pepper, then you are all set!

BA7Blue Apron is also perfect for Camden apartment dwellers! No matter the size of your kitchen, they make it easy to prepare their delish dishes! Plus, the time you will save from grocery shopping could be spent enjoying your community pool, gym, etc!


Bon appetit!

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