Camden Cares for YOU, Houston!

Have you ever gone to bed beyond tired, but in a good way? This is the tired that you feel after sweating all day in the Texas heat for a good cause.   You feel so good that you can even ignore how bad you smell afterwards… This is how many of us in Houston felt after our Camden Cares volunteer days.

As with other Camden offices, the Houston and corporate offices partnered with Rebuilding Together Houston to help the aged, disadvantaged, and or disabled out with fixing up their homes. Camden committed to rehabilitating 15 homes here in Houston this year; 8 having been completed on September 23-24 and the remaining 7 were completed on October 7-8. As with other cities, volunteers from all corners of the organization helped out with this cause. Everyone from vice presidents to average employees work side by side to accomplish our goal- to put smiles on the homeowners’ faces.

The houses that we are assigned by Rebuilding Together Houston are first toured and screened by a taskforce of Camden employees in order to assess what needs to be done in each of our assigned homes. Camden employees go out to the homes the day before to try to complete some of the preliminary work such as pressure washing or organizing and gathering supplies to insure that the each of the volunteer days run smoothly. Our crews show up early in the morning, receive their assignments, and get cracking. It is like watching an orange Camden swarm overtaking a house!


Mrs. Terrel’s house Camden Cares Crew. What a lovely lady! – Samantha Dickerson

One of the best things about your volunteer day is hearing everyone’s stories. You hear stories about employees’ past experiences volunteering for Rebuilding Together and the homeowners that they had the pleasure of meeting. This was my first experience with Camden working for Rebuilding Together. I had volunteered in another city for another company with this same organization years ago, but it did not feel as good as this experience that I had with Camden. One of the homeowners that we were helping was a beautiful 80 year old lady and mother of three children. In her home, she had fostered over 100 children over the years. Some of which she still has contact with today. The best part of our day was seeing the smile on her face when she saw her home re-painted for the first time.


Here’s a picture of me and the amazing team I got to spend the day with in front of the house we worked on. – Stephanie Oribhador

On a side note, the other benefit of Camden Cares is meeting and spending time with people who we may not get to interact with on a daily basis. As a Camden newbie, it was great to hear about how long many of the employees have worked with the company. It just shows how much our employees love Camden. It also showed me how much our employees care about the community and provided us with a unique opportunity to give back.


Mrs. Terrel’s dog, Coco.

Camden Cares is something we at Camden look forward to every year! No matter how much paint you get on yourself or how beat up you feel at the end of the day, it’s always such a special feeling to truly make a difference in someone else’s life. Even Coco’s…

This was a collaboration from Stephanie Oribhador and myself.

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