Top Five things to do in Korea

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend six months travelling after completing my degree at California State University Fullerton. I completed my degree from start to finish while working for Camden and I utilized the Camden tuition reimbursement program which helped me save money to take off for an adventure of a lifetime. Everyone wants to know what my favorite country was.  It is very difficult to answer this question because I had an unbelievable time in all of the countries I visited but Korea is of my top places to visit in Asia and here’s why:

Fall in Seoul: Prior to visiting Korea I have never witnessed the leaves change. I was born in Hawaii and I have lived in California for the past ten years. Being in Korea while the leaves changed was magical for me. This was taken near the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.


The Busan firework festival: This is the most unbelievable festival to witness. It takes place over the beautiful Diamond Bridge once a year in October. Enjoy Korean music while watching the most incredible heart shaped fireworks, hologram birds and much more!


Spend Halloween in Seoul: Itaewon is a district in Seoul that is crazy on Halloween. There are tons of clubs, parties and great people watching for Halloween.


Go for a hike: I took the most beautiful hikes while I was in Korea. This photo was taken at Igidae Park in Busan and it overlooks the famous Diamond Bridge.


Visit a cat cafe: These are all over Korea, order a coffee or tea and play with some of the cutest creatures you will ever see!


The next time you find yourself looking for something to do with those vacation days that are about to expire consider Korea in the Fall, you won’t be disappointed! Check out my other things do do in San Diego too.

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