Camden Cares- South Florida: Operation Freedom!

We <3 South Florida!

We ❤ South Florida!

I joined the Camden Family about 5 months ago. While completing the new hire orientation I was taken aback, and impressed, by the commitment Camden demonstrates to philanthropic causes. I was aware of the fact that Camden is one of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®, but learning that I was joining a company that values its customers, employees and giving back to the community, I felt like I scored the employer jackpot! On October 7th, I had the honor of partaking in my first Camden Cares event.

“It’s our turn to serve”- Camden Cares

With a focus on assisting veterans and their families make their homes nicer and safer places to live, the South Florida Camden Properties teamed up with Rebuilding Together Miami Dade for the second year in a row. Rebuilding Together Miami Dade is a Nonprofit Organization with a mission “to preserve and revitalize houses and communities, assuring that low-income homeowners, particularly those who are elderly and disabled, live independently and with dignity”.

Homeowner Mr. Carty holding photo of his daughter.

Homeowner Mr. Carty holding photo of his daughter.

This year’s efforts went towards repairing and revitalizing the home of Mr. Carty, a retired U.S Veteran, whose daughter is also a member of the military and is currently serving in the U.S Navy.

The residence suffered damages as a result of a long time deteriorating roof. Recently, after a two-year wait, The Carty Family received a new roof. This meant that when Camden arrived, we were able to go in and complete much of the severe drywall repair needed throughout the home. In addition to the drywall work, Camden employees completed many projects to provide preventative maintenance as well as revitalize the property. These projects included: painting the complete exterior of the house, gardening/landscaping, pressure washing, changing light bulbs and servicing the hot water heater.


Symbolic “Camden Cares” message forever in the paint!

Camden South Florida had such a large volunteer group (60 people) that we were able to seize the opportunity of providing assistance at another home. Part of the group went over to a nearby residence and completed necessary exterior paint.

“Nothing more rewarding than to help those in need. I think we all took such pride in what we had to do.”   – Rick Harris, Community Manager – Camden Plantation

Leading up to the event, I was a bit intimidated. I learned from my coworkers about the incredible work done in 2014 and was worried I didn’t have the skills necessary to contribute in a meaningful way. As the day approached I put all fears aside and was prepared to take on the challenge with enthusiasm and commitment. It was empowering and fulfilling to come together as a group and make a real, positive impact. The added bonuses were the laughs we shared and the memories we made!

Be sure to check out Rebuilding Together Miami Dade’s Facebook page for more great photos from the day and to see the other incredible work they are doing.

To learn more about Camden and Rebuilding Together’s partnership across the country check out Camden Cares Dallas- Serving Our Community and Camden Cares for YOU, Houston!

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