Thanksgiving Dinner for two!

Image Courtesy of: Camden

Image Courtesy of: Camden

I grew up in a large family where every year Thanksgiving was a huge event. We had the largest turkey my dad could find, two green bean casseroles, 9 pies, 30 homemade rolls, and mashed potatoes for days. Recently I moved in with my boyfriend of four years and this will be our first Thanksgiving just the two of us. How do you go from cooking for 15 plus people to just two people? Well I was not sure myself, so naturally I started to do my research. Below are some helpful tips with Thanksgiving for two!

Portion control

Smaller portions are the way to go when having Thanksgiving dinner for two. Instead of buying a large turkey, get a turkey breast. This allows you to still have your turkey dinner and some room for left overs without having turkey for many months after!

Make it Semi-Homemade

Not everything has to be made by scratch. Make stove top stuffing since you’re having turkey breast. It’s quick and easy yet still delicious. You can also buy premade pumpkin and apple pies from the store, heat them up in the oven for a little and you will have your warm pies in less than half the time.  For your green bean casseroles use 1 can of green beans instead of 3 or 4.

Image Courtesy of:

Image Courtesy of:


What is Thanksgiving without decorations? Now with there being only two, you will not need to go overboard with seat placements or place setting’s.  Keep it simple yet elegant. Buy some fall colored flowers such as yellow and orange for the centerpiece of your table.  Candles are always my number one pick when it comes to decorations. They really set the mood and makes your home smell good.  Pinterest is my go to when I need some DIY ideas.

I hope some of these ideas help you with your Thanksgiving dinner for two!

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