Why I Enjoyed My Camden Internship Part Three: The Culture

A company’s culture is key to personal and team growth. Camden Property Trust has a unique entrepreneurial spirit and differs from many other companies, in that it allows employees to have complete control of their career path. It’s also a company that prides itself in working hard, but also enjoying what you do. Camden’s mission is to provide “Living Excellence,” which not only relates to the quality of life we provide to our residents, but also relates to the quality of work life for  employees.

Continuous growth. Camden’s work culture fosters respect, hard work, and fun. During my first few weeks, I was assigned a mentor who was also a leasing agent in one of our sister communities. She was so supportive and helped answer the millions of questions I had when I first started! By either taking Camden University courses, becoming a mentor, taking on different projects, or simply being open to new ideas and locations, there are many ways to grow professionally and personally.

Extra Perks. Besides monetary compensation, Camden helps pay for graduate school, gives discounts on rent, and offers $20 a night employee suites in hot vacation spots around the country. There is even a share purchase program where you can buy shares of Camden stock (NYSE: CPT) at a discount. Special company events are fun and unique, like the ACE Awards and a roller skating party. Employees who exemplify Camden’s values are honored at the annual ACE Awards, which I thought was so cool! Birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays are always celebrated. For example, on August 10th, it was National S’mores Day and several Camden communities were given yummy S’mores Kits to make during work! It’s the little things that made me want to work even harder every day.

Camden Cares

I had a wonderful time helping clean up Hillsborough Ave in the Adopt-A-Highway program with some of our Tampa team members. Camden Cares!

Camden Internship

Our delicious (microwaved) s’mores at Camden Westchase Park!

Excellent workplace environment. Everybody works hard, but also takes the time to have fun. It’s no question why Camden ranks high on several workplace lists: #10 in Fortune’s Top 100 Businesses to Work for in 2015, #40 in Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Women in 2015, #24 in Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Millenials in 2015, and more. Working for Camden Property Trust has truly been the best work experience so far. I believe the workplace environment is key to your happiness in a job and will lead to more effort and better team dynamics. My team and I were extremely sad when my internship ended and I left to go back to school!

I’m beyond grateful to be working for such a great company and I couldn’t ask for a better job than this. The hours are great and the job is never boring when you get to work alongside the kindest souls. It was truly special to meet people that cared about my wellbeing and successes in a company that made me feel right at home. Stay on the lookout for my next blog post, which will talk in detail about the values that Camden upholds. Also, read my previous blog posts to learn more about the responsibilities I had during my internship and the different leadership opportunities.

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