D.I.Y. Holiday Chandelier

Holiday DIY

It’s that time of year again! Save a little money this year and try this beautiful DIY project.Top view

Who doesn’t like a little BLING and CHEER for the approaching Holiday Season? Here is a little DIY project to add a little sparkle to your home.  This DIY chandelier is surprisingly easy yet looks like it is an expensive addition to your Holiday décor.

What you will need:


*needle nose wire cutting pliers

*String, twine or jewelry chain

*Ornament hooks



*Screw in hooks

*Foam craft board

*Hot glue gun

Step 1

Snowflake Button

Take your foam core board and pierce holes in any circular, square or random pattern of your choice. You will need to trim the board to fit in the middle of the wreath.  Secure and glue the board in place in the center of the wreath after punching the holes. Foam Board holes

Step 2

Snowflake Button

This step is made a little easier by hanging the wreath temporarily to ensure your string lengths look appropriate. Cut your string, twine or chain to your varying desired lengths. Bend a few ornament hooks into a U-Shape and string through one link in the chain or through a loop made in your string.Chain SegmentsStraight clipBent clip

Loop to atttach

Step 3

Snowflake Button

Now take your strung wire U-Shape and push it through one of your holes in the board. Once in place bend the wire to the left and right to secure it in place. Do this for all of your lengths of chain and make sure your varying heights will work for your ornament placement in later steps.wire fasteningpin through hole

Step 4

Snowflake Button

Choose a spot in your home to hang your chandelier and place 4 screw in hooks evenly spaced just smaller than the size of your wreath. Once you have the hooks in place, use 4 branches of the wreath as tie wraps to hook up and over the hooks to hang your wreath, board and chain combo.

Step 5

Snowflake Button

If you used string or twine, tie your ornaments onto your strings. If you used chain like I did, simply place the ornaments on hooks and place in the lowest link in each of your chains. You can decorate your wreath now with lights, ribbons or additional ornaments.Steps

Step 6

Snowflake Button

Step back and enjoy your new creation!!Finished

Check out more of our DIY blogs at blogs.camdenliving.com here are few links to a few more awesome ideas.




We would love to see your projects this season! When you get your chandelier completed, reply to my blog and show off your new creation!! Happy creating!!

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