I’m Sick and Tired

That’s about it: I literally am just sick and tired, but tis the season for flu and colds! With that in mind I wanted to take the time to remind everyone about some good practices for flu and cold season.germ-clipart-no-germ-zone-hi

  1. Hand Sanitizer – Sadly, people are not very conscientious when they are sick. At that point they’re miserable and aren’t necessarily running to the bathroom to wash their hands every time they sneeze or blow their nose. Because of this, assume that everyone is walking around with a handful of germs at all times (because they pretty much are)! You will need to be responsible for keeping your hands clean and for goodness sake do not touch your face!germ-clipart-toonvectors-854-140
  2. Check your heater and appliances now – Especially if you live in an apartment community, call in those service requests early. There is nothing worse than not feeling well and realizing that your heater is not working in the middle of the night. Luckily most companies (like Camden) offer 24-hour emergency service but who wants their heater, or anything else, being worked on in the middle of the night?!
  3. Get plenty of sleep – This is a no brainer, without sleep your body cannot heal. I know it is easy to stay up sniffling and sneezing but you really need to find a way to get to bed early.
  4. Stay at home – None of us want to get sick either. Isn’t it better to take a day and recover instead of spending days at work in a sick haze making mistakes and getting nothing done? Take care of yourselves people and don’t spread your germs!

These are just a couple a tips/pleas from me (coming from someone who is currently sick). Wishing everyone a safe HEALTHY holidays.

One thought

  1. As I was reading this blog, I reached over and got a hearty helping of hand sanitizer for myself. I do not want to get sick. Thank you for sharing this!

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