Letter from the tooth fairy

What is the going rate for the Tooth Fairy

My oldest daughter is 6 years old and desperate to lose a tooth. I guess most of the kids in her class have already lost a tooth. She has had a super wiggly tooth on the bottom front but it just won’t work its way out. We just went to the dentist and he said that it will be any day now. This made me a little worried as I was not sure what the going rate is for the tooth fairy these days. I started to ask around and I got really different answers.

I even blogged about this topic last month just to ask for advice on this subject. Well the big night came Haley has finally lost her tooth. So I logged onto Pinterest to see what is the best way to show her that the tooth fairy came while she was sleeping. So I found a super cute note and went to my craft box and grabbed glitter of course. You can’t leave a note from the tooth fairy without having fairy dust! I also made sure that I put glitter on the money as well. We left her $5.00 as it was her first tooth and then we will give her $1.00 or the gold one dollar coin from now on. We will pay more for a front tooth or if she loses it in a crazy way. I also need to make sure that I have the money ahead of time as I don’t keep cash on me very often. It might be a good idea to have money hidden away for events like this.


Letter from the tooth fairy

Letter from the tooth fairy

I waited until she fell asleep and snuck into her room to grab the tooth and place the note under her pillow. I will tell you that my heart was racing as I was worried that I would wake her up. I saw a lot of people have little tooth pillows online and now I know why. My hopes are to find a cute pillow before she loses another tooth. That way she puts the tooth in the pillow and hangs it on the corner of her bed.

When Haley woke up she was so excited and into our room to show us what she got. Then she immediately began wiggling the tooth next to that one to see if they can lose that as well. She said she wants to lose her two front teeth by Christmas so she can sing all she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth. That night when I was headed to bed I saw this note left out for the tooth fairy.

To the tooth Fairy,

Letter to the tooth fairy

Letter to the tooth fairy

I love you. You are good.

From, Haley

This made my heart smile. I guess the best thing to do is just give what you think is right and your child will never know the difference. Always make it about the experience as they are not going to remember the amount that they received but they are going to remember the way it made them feel.

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