Building Homes and Shaping Communities Across the Country at Camden

“At Camden, a ‘home’ isn’t limited to an apartment unit or building. Instead, Camden strives to instill values intrinsic to the home and the family in all it does through its driven, collaborative, and fun-loving company culture and community-centric activities.”

From our competitive drive to our hands-on, give-back nature, employees and residents at Camden across the country truly are one big family. We recognize the importance of extending our family support to the communities that we live and work in through our yearly Camden Cares efforts. This article from Co.tribute sums up our, “hard work to invest in employees and local communities.” Read more below!

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Building Homes and Shaping Communities Across the Country at Camden

Posted by Caroline Smith

Julie Keel, Creative Marketing DirectorNot every workplace can boast a status as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For and a charitable giving culture that impacts communities coast to coast. But of course, not all companies are Camden.

Camden designs, builds, and manages luxury apartments across the United States. Founded in 1982, Camden has expanded well beyond its Texas roots and now operates more than 62,000 apartment homes and 169 apartment communities. We asked Julie Keel, Camden’s Director of Creative Marketing, how Camden’s mission to build the best homes extends well beyond the individual or family they serve.

At Camden, a “home” isn’t limited to an apartment unit or building. Instead, Camden strives to instill values intrinsic to the home and the family in all it does through its driven, collaborative, and fun-loving company culture and community-centric activities.

Camden Cares: Serving Communities and Empowering Employees

Camden’s success is due in no small part to the core foundation of generous and warm-hearted employees who make up the Camden family. Camden has always worked hard to invest in their employees and their local communities. But as the company has grown, so has its appetite for giving back to the communities where they live and work. Camden Cares has long served as the banner for Camden’s charitable endeavors ranging from Toys for Tots to charitable runs. For instance, when a local resident in a Camden community was diagnosed with breast cancer, Camden employees took it upon themselves to organize a walk to raise money for the beloved resident. Camden’s localized community efforts are just one example of how Camden goes above and beyond to serve their local communities.

Camden Cares

Three years ago Camden decided to revamp the Camden Cares initiative to establish a month long company-wide push to give back alongside their existing philanthropic efforts each year. Camden Cares now specifically focuses on working with veterans and housing-related charitable organizations. Each employee is given eight hours during the workweek to dedicate to a charity in these areas.  With Camden’s 1,800+ employees, that amounts to more than 14,400 hours spent serving Camden’s communities in a month alone. Camden Cares is currently in full swing for 2015 with volunteers across the country pitching in to repair veterans’ homes, women’s shelters, homeless youth centers, and much more.

Work Hard, Have Fun, Do Good

Camden Cares2

Camden Cares is a direct outcome of Camden’s unique culture and mission and also serves to bolster a sense of camaraderie and gratitude among employees. Not only do employees feel more invested in their communities and proud of the work they’ve accomplished, but they have established relationships and tackled new challenges with their colleagues along the way. As Keel puts it, “When else would you be mingling and slinging hammers and nails with the HR department if you’re in Marketing?” Hierarchies, job titles, and departments are all irrelevant as Camden employees work together to build better communities. Rewarding employees for their valuable contributions in the communities is a totally different story, and one the company makes a priority. Every year Camden honors the hard work and accomplishments of its employees in each city through the ACE (Achieving Camden Excellence) Awards. The awards, accompanied by a monetary prize, are given to employees who exemplify Camden’s values and bring success to their teams and cities.

A strong emphasis on work-life balance at Camden not only means employees are expected to leave work at a reasonable hour, but also that the fun doesn’t have to wait until the workday is over. One of Camden’s more unconventional activities is their highly competitive—and often high production value—company skits. While the ritual is all in good fun, the event is taken very seriously as different departments are pitted against one another to create and perform 20 minute skits on a topic of their choosing. Discounted rates on Camden apartments for vacation use across the country, tickets to sporting events, tuition scholarships, and ample training opportunities also help keep employees engaged and fulfilled.

It’s no wonder employees like Keel, in her 13th year at Camden, come there to work and stay because it offers an environment and community unlike any other workplace. By cultivating a sense of family and unity among its employees and demonstrating a commitment to their communities, Camden cares about making everyone feel at home.


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