It’s a Wrap! Your Guide to Wrapping Holiday Presents



It’s that time of year! Time to wrap presents until your fingers fall off and you’re throwing a roll of paper against the wall because you cut a piece too small. Anyone? And OK. You’re in the truth circle so let’s be honest. We’ve all done the pretty, modern paper from Target or Minted, the paper from The Dollar General, the cheap bows, the designer bows and everything in between. But what if we didn’t this year? What if we shoved those ordinary ways to the side and got a little creative and a bit more personal instead? Here’s what could happen…

You start wrapping like a boss. That’s what happens.

Here. Let me show you just how boss you can be.

  1. Person meet kraft paper. Kraft paper meet person. So easy and so affordable. Just some kraft paper and some paint and some twine. I mean, come on! That is so cute. And letting your kids draw on them – priceless. You can find kraft-like paper in other colors, too.

  2. This one. This one you can just grab a newspaper. Literally just grab a newspaper and start wrapping. Get some ribbon, add a sweet tag and you’re done. You could even one-up yourself and use a comic strip page, a sports page or whichever page/section the person relates to the most or loves.

  3. Brown paper. Think of brown paper as your blank canvas. Use stamps (even potatoes – but that’s a whole other blog), cut out letters and spell out their name, glue on items like scrapbook doo-hickies, draw with markers or paint or pens or crayons…the possibilities are endless. My head is spinning.


    Photo Credit |

  4. Maps. I L-O-V-E maps. This is ingenious. Use the city they are from, the country perhaps, their favorite place to visit or even a vintage looking map. Then just top it off with the simplest of ribbon or twine as to not take away from that crazy cool wrap job.

    acreativemint typepad

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  5. Do you see what that is there? Do you know before I even tell you? That my friends is a bundle of gifts wrapped in – wait for it – Trader Joe’s paper sacks. Yes. I cannot tell a lie. I have nothing more to say about that.

    enchanted home

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  6. Who does not love seeing baby faces or old family photos? Wrap as usual, something more on the plain and monochromatic side like above, and find some old photos or print off some new ones and double-sided tape stick away. Better than a bow any day.

    pinterest 3

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  7. Let us not forget the box. The box can be great. I’ll let you in on a secret. If you get a bakery box, the non-window kind of course because NO PEEKING!, you have a perfect box, that neatly closes and is ready to decorate. Perhaps add initials (like above) or the full name, or From, Santa. Maybe you’ll find yourself wanting to go nuts all over the box and just create an actual work of art.


    Photo Credit |

  8. What the what? Chalkboard paper. So clever I almost can’t find words. Almost. To all you doodlers out there, here is your happy place, your moment of zen. At my home, this is how everyone is getting their gift wrapped this year. Sorry not sorry.

And because I would never leave you hanging. Here is how to wrap a present in the most perfect way.

Oh and by the way – insert shameless plug – if you live at Camden Lake Pine in Apex, NC, our wrapping station will be up on Sunday, December 6th! I know a lot of other Camden communities are doing one as well like Camden World Gateway in Orlando and Camden Reunion Park in Apex, too. 

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