DIY: 3D Snowflake for the Holiday Season!

Want to look like Martha Stewart this Holiday season? These paper snowflakes are perfect for apartment living because they require no storage at the end of the season! You can decorate your patio, your windows, you name it with them and then literally throw them into recycling and start again next year!

What you will need:3DSnowflakeSupplies

-Paper (can be printer paper, card stock or even wrapping paper! Get creative!)






Step 1: Paper.

Start with a square piece of paper (you will need a total of 6). Fold this into a triangle by folding in half once.

Step 2: Cutting.

Begin to cut four slits in your triangle starting at the bottom corner (folded side) of the triangle. Cut up each side four times without fully cutting through, leaving about an inch margin in the middle of the triangle.3DSnowflakeTriangleCutUpRightSide



Step 3: Taping

Unfold your triangle. Starting from the inside at the square, bend the pieces of paper to form what looks like a cannoli and tape. Flip your paper over and to do the same to the next strips. Continue flipping and taping until no strips remain. Repeat these three steps until you have a total of six.3DsnowflakeTriangleCutOpenedIntoSquare





Step 4: Stapling

Now that you have all six pieces, gather them all together at the ends and staple. Once stapled, let them fan out and staple at the piece that forms a cross to the one next to it at the piece that forms a cross. Do this to each of the individual papers. This step stabilizes the snowflakes form.



One finished, viola! You have made your 3D snowflake!


Happy Holidays from our #CamdenFamily to yours!


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