Top 6 Reasons Gift Cards are the Best Gifts


Gift cards are truly the best gift to give during the holidays. There is nothing worse than opening a gift from a relative that barely knows you and seeing something you would never want. I don’t want to sound greedy or rude, but if I can help spare someone the title of giving the worst gift, I will.

Almost every retail location, restaurant and service offers a gift card. There are some that have set amounts, and even some that offer the option to choose your amount.

Here are my top 6 reasons why gift cards are the best option for holiday gift giving.

  1. Avoid awkward reactions and possible “re-gifting”. My face easily gives away what I am thinking. Most people are like that. It can be offensive to the gift giver if you make a disgusted face after opening a gift because you do not like it. The last thing you want is to see the gift you gave in next years’ white elephant circulation.


  1. They choose what they want. I love to shop. Usually I know in advance what I want to buy; it is just a matter of having the funds to do so. Being able to pick your own give may seem unoriginal, but it is actually fun and more thoughtful.

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  1. They can spend it when they want. After Christmas shopping is fun to buy clearance wrapping paper, but not clothing. They can wait till spring and use it for new spring items. Or even wait till the next year when they need new cold weather gear that otherwise is sold out.
  1. They can be used in store or online. Not everyone has the option to visit a retail location, especially if they do not live near a shopping area. Gift cards allow shoppers to spend the money online. Often times there are perks to shopping online, such as free samples. This means the gift card ended up giving more.


  1. They can go towards a more expensive gift. A friend of mine, who will remain anonymous, cannot afford to by his sister a Michael Kors watch for Christmas. I suggest he buy a visa gift card or an Amazon gift card that she can put towards the watch, so he is not out $250.


  1. Avoid getting something they already have. My spouse and I shop so often, we have received gifts that we already have a few times. A gift card will prevent buying a duplicate item for your friends and family members.

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So this year when you are shopping for the holidays, consider buying gift cards. And if you are shopping for me, I would like gift cards to Sephora, Amazon, and Target.

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