Thank you Christmas …. and all that goes with you!

IMG_2733There is no denying it, this time of year is very special for most people. Whatever your belief’s, it is a time of joy, celebration, reflection, gratitude, giving, friends, family and love. At this time of year, we pay a little more attention to everything. We work hard to wind up the business of the year and prepare for the coming new year. We take time off work and make time for friends and family. Some of us travel celebrate or some hang out around our homes and just enjoy what we have worked so hard to build.

I would like to take some time to thank all those who contributed to my Very Merry Christmas holiday season!

  • Thank you to my husband, Mr. Perfect for running me all over town for errands and then actually running the rest of the errands I couldn’t get to.
  • Oh and thanks babe for this years Santa hats!FullSizeRender
  • Thank you to all my neighbors in Tampa who decorated for the holidays! Can I say a special wow to South Boulevard where every single house strings white lights in the grand oak trees so that they connect across the street AND then the neighbor at the end has the most spectacular display ever? I can’t help but feel joy every time I am driving about.
  • Thank you to The Container Store for, well everything you do, but for the purposes of this blog, thank you for the most amazing wrapping paper on the face of the earth. It is easy to use, easy to cut and available in a zillion colors and patterns. Not to mention the gorgeous ribbon and super fun stocking stuffers.IMG_3310
  • Thank you to Camden and my work family for making my work-life fullfilling and hysterically fun! It all started with lunch at Elevage Restaurant at the Epicurean Hotel with the best team EVER!
  • IMG_3172
  • Just a few examples….
      • The 2nd annual leasing consultant TROC decorating explosion to create the TROC Christmas forest.


      • Holiday Celebration at the Columbia restaurant, enjoying, all the Tampa Camden employees, the beautiful Flamenco dancers, delicious food and the joy of raising $1,400 to support the good work that Starting Right Now does in our community.
    • IMG_3135
      • Ugly sweater day at work.
      • Pizza day.
      • Santa visiting Camden Bay.IMG_3267

And this was seriously just the tip of the ice berg ………

  • Thank you to everyone who shared yummy treats …. especially the Christmas Cookie Day treats from Dana and the fresh vegatables from Sweetwater Organic Farm – shared by our neighbor Jana!
  • Thank you Hyde Park Village new owners for exceeding expectations. The holidays have never been so exciting in the neighborhood. The treelighting was a huge success! I can’t hardly wait to see what 2016 brings from you.

So today begins the Christmas celebrations with family where the biggest piece of my heart sits. We have about 15 – 20 people at our immediate family gatherings at any given time. However the icing on the cake is the little’s at 5, 5 and 7. They still believe in Santa and that makes it all just magical. I thank them all for just being.

Merry Christmas and much love to you all!



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