Metro Accessible Camden Apartments in the DC Area


If you are not familiar with the DC Metro area, just know one thing: traffic is intense. You may have read my previous blog post about commuting traffic on the Capital Beltway, and how much of a nightmare it can be. The great news is that there are several Camden communities in this area that are close to Metro stations, or offer close proximity to public transportation.


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Camden Fair Lakes is approximately 5 miles from the Vienna, Orange line Metro station. Camden Fair Lakes offers a free shuttle service through the Fair Lakes league that runs Monday through Friday and goes directly to the Vienna station. Though it is shared with other communities and businesses, it is the last one to be picked up in the morning and the first one to be dropped off in the evening, making the trip short and nonstop for Camden Fair Lakes residents.


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Camden Potomac Yard offers a $34 smart trip card, which is done through a program called FAST Potomac Yard. There is also a metro bus stop within walking distance that picks up every 6 minutes during rush hour times.


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Camden Grand Parc is directly across the street from the McPherson Square Metro stop. This stop services Orange/Blue/Silver lines. They are also a half mile walk to the Farragut North Metro Stop, which services the Red line.


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Camden Roosevelt is a 5 minute walk to the U Street Metro station, which services the Green/Yellow lines.


Camden South Capitol is walking distance to the Navy Yard Metro station, which services the Green line.


The closest metro station to Camden NoMa is NoMa-Gallaudet U, which is a Red line Metro, and is only a few blocks walking distance.


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If you were looking for an apartment community that is steps away from a metro station, Camden Summerfield has just that. The Morgan Boulevard Metro station, blue/silver lines, is just a walk away from your front door.

Whether it is walking distance to a metro, a shuttle to a metro or discounted smart card fare, the WMATA metro system is the way to go, and Camden properties are close enough for your convenience.


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